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June 15, 2009

We won't know truth about USS Liberty attack

To the editor:

The only mention of the attack on the USS Liberty in the June 8 edition of The Herald-Mail was two sentences in the "Today In History" column on page C8. But that was two sentences more than appeared in The Washington Post.

The United States government has not released the full details about this attack in 1967 by Israeli forces, which resulted in 34 killed and 171 wounded. The actions of the United States government and the government of Israel before, during and after the attack are classic examples of what I consider to be gross negligence and incompetence, lies, deceit and cover-ups by the two governments.

We will never know the truth because the United States government will never declassify all of the information about this sneak attack.


Daniel Moeller

'National health care' is not what it seems

To the editor:

I was glad to see in the June 4 Mail Call that another citizen had the courage to speak up regarding "national health care." All of these comments on the subject started me digging for more information. The following is some of what I've learned.

Britons have "cradle-to-grave" health insurance coverage. However, even though they have the insurance, often they cannot access the care. Because the government may provide health insurance is no guarantee you will get the care when you need it.

There are "waiting lists" with thousands of names on them. There is often an 18-week wait for an appointment - and that's only for a "consultation." If surgery is recommended and the "government" permits it, that wait can be a year or more.

"National health insurance" is not free. It's funded with your tax dollars. When funds run short, health services are rationed. Government decides who will get care and who will not. If you're over 70 years old, you won't be told what services are available because they won't be offered to you. You're not contributing much to the "state," so there's little incentive to "maintain" you.

Canada is a little different. Besides "government" health insurance, they are allowed to have "private insurance." However, they are limited in the use of their "private insurance." If government insurance covers the problem you're seeking help for, but the government decides you don't need it, you cannot then use your private insurance to circumvent the government program. Your private insurance can be used only if the condition is not covered by the government plan.

"National health insurance" is simply another bottle of government "snake oil" being pitched to the public. Don't buy it!

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Barbara Murphy

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