Letters to the Editor

June 11, 2009

Waters' scenario has nothing to do with reality

To the editor:

Lloyd Waters has been watching "24" too much, or maybe he's been drinking Dick Cheney's Kool-Aid.

The scenario for 2015 he proposes in Sunday's Herald-Mail has more to do with Jack Bauer than with the real world. For starters, the captured terrorist suspects are in the hands of the FBI, which is where they would be, both legally and as a practical matter. The FBI has jurisdiction over persons suspected of federal crimes inside the United States. The CIA operates outside our borders. Besides, the FBI knows more about interrogating suspects than Jack Bauer, Dick Cheney and the CIA put together.

If you think back a few short weeks, the FBI agent who actually interrogated (Abu) Zubaydah testified that he had obtained all the useful information from Zubaydah without torture before the CIA started waterboarding him. That FBI expertise is not going to go away. The U.S. loses absolutely nothing by giving up Dick Cheney's dreams of torture.


So Lloyd Waters' scenario is a boogeyman, a story set up purely to scare little children and having no relation to reality.

Burr Loomis
Chambersburg, Pa.

Life is real, life is earnest

To the editor:

As a little girl, I remember my mother repeatedly saying, "Life is real, life is earnest." I wondered, what is she talking about?

In my growing up, I found out and indeed, life is real and earnest. With vim and vigor, we reach out and grasp all the good things it offers in health, work, education, wealth, and personal and business relationships. We find joy and happiness in the smile on an infant's face, participating in the growth of our children, the good times, the sad times. Hard work is real. Headaches, body aches and heartaches are real. Our desire to do things right is real. Giving and forgiving are gifts from the heart, real.

Life is not a continual walk in a lovely park, listening to our favorite kind of music, or having all of our desires met. We are compelled to confront disappointment, have a plan number two and go forward. To point the gun of faith, energy and love at the negatives and say, "I gotcha."

Weakness becomes strength, thoughts positive, life more secure. All the while remembering a precious, loving friend is by our side when climbing the mountain of despair, or crossing the desert of sickness. He covers us with his shield of love when our lives fall apart and puts us back together again.

Yes, life is real, life is earnest.

Frances Moats

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