Letters to the Editor

June 11, 2009

Abortion can be debated with words, not bullets

To the editor:

In a civilized society, shooting someone you disagree with has to be unacceptable. Period.

Dr. George Tiller was stalked and harassed to the point that he was wearing a bulletproof vest in church on the very day he was shot in the head and killed. Extreme protest against abortion is about extremism and terrorism. It's not about protest or the difference of opinion on an important social issue.

Dr. Tiller was one of a very small number of doctors in this country who performed abortions in the most tragic situations - severe fetal anomaly, pregnant 9-year-olds, late-term pregnancies accompanied by serious illness. He continued to provide this care even though he had been shot in both arms before, had to go to work in an armored vehicle and felt he had to routinely wear a bulletproof vest. Sadly, none of these strategies protected him the day he was murdered.


Part of the tragedy is that somehow, it has come to be accepted in this country that the legitimate differences honorable people have about abortion can be thrashed out with bullets and bombings instead of words and ideas.

Diane Silas
clinic administrator
Hagerstown Reproductive Health Services

Europe's problems can be example to Obama

To the editor:

If Barack Obama was serious about solving our economic woes, he'd be taking the advice of those who are insisting he consider the economic devastation in Great Britain and similar results in the European Union as they tried spending their way to prosperity.

Gordon Brown has bankrupted the Motherland by his reckless spending pursuits and will soon reap the political consequences. Polls are also showing growing dissatisfaction with the fruits of leftist economic policies and a swing toward conservative ideals in many other EU nations.

We can only hope that Congress, the courts and most of all, the American people, will learn from the European example and stop Obama from taking us any further down that same road. It has become obvious he will never consider any criticism concerning the disastrous effects on our own economic health that his astronomical spending is having and will continue to have for generations of Americans. His supreme objectives are wealth redistribution and the fashioning of his legacy, and let the nation be damned if need be to achieve them.

Doug Harp
Greencastle, Pa.

Myers and Smithsburg need some luck

To the editor:

After reading about the appeals board (ethics) issue, chief of police problem, the use of (free) inmate labor and now the picnic tables (cover) contract scandal, it makes Watergate, Iran Contra and Whitewater seem very trivial.

Good luck to (Mayor) Mickey (Myers) and Smithsburg residents. You will need it!

William F. Mills
former Smithsburg town councilman
Mercersburg, Pa.

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