Mail Call

June 10, 2009

"Kudos for the Boonsboro police force. I was out the other night and I saw that the Boonsboro police had radar set up by the high school, by their new headquarters on 34, and also on King Road. They are out to get the speeders, so that is good for the Boonsboro citizens." - Boonsboro

"I'm reading Mail Call on Monday, and in reference to Chris Shank running against Don Munson, there is no competition there at all. Don Munson has been a hundred and one percent asset to the people of Washington County. You call Don Munson's office and you get response immediately, or a call back. You don't get a voice mail. So Don, hang in there. I've known you for at least 30 years, and I am one of your supporters." - Hagerstown

"Has anyone noticed how badly the leaves fell off after they sprayed for gypsy moths? The leaves look like they have been chemically burned. I've never seen that happen in a year that they've sprayed for gypsy moths. My girlfriend's yard looked like it was fall. I sure would like to know what they're spraying over top my head, if they got the wrong chemical or what." - Smithsburg


"There have been several letters and Mail Call items lately claiming that this country was founded as a Christian nation. If that was the case, wouldn't the name 'Christ' appear at least once in the Constitution? I think the founders were wise to allow for the expression of multiple faiths, or no faith. Too bad people aren't as wise today." - Fairfield, Pa.

"My eyes are still searching the paper for coverage of the Boonsboro carnival, that's for a good cause. Blues Fest gets all kinds of coverage, and they serve alcohol. Am I missing something here?" - Clear Spring

"I keep hearing about the government now owning GM, or at least a large portion of it. Since GM was 'bailed out' with taxpayer money, I think it would be more accurate to say that 'we the taxpayers' actually own GM - not the 'government' - and as a new shareholder, I demand that 'we the people' all have a fair vote in what they're going to do with it next." - Hagerstown

"Saturday afternoon, late afternoon, the lights were out at Halfway Boulevard and Wesel Boulevard, and they had some fire police out there directing traffic. Those guys did a wonderful job. They had traffic moving better than the lights. Whoever sets the lights need to watch those two men work, because the traffic wasn't backed up like they are when their lights are working." - Halfway

"I'm finishing my statement about the seat belt violation. I received a seat belt violation, which in turn increased my vehicle insurance. I say to all people, especially those in law enforcement agencies and families, that you are not exempt. You should set an example to our inmates, and you are also required to wear your seat belt as well." - Clear Spring

"I just want to thank you for the article you did on Mr. Jones and the D-Day invasion. As I looked over the great society that was, I was just wondering, above that, the graduation class, I wonder how many of those actually heard about it or were taught that in school." - Hagerstown

"I have a cousin stationed in Germany in the Army, and he is so disappointed and mad that Obama did not see the troops while he was over in Germany, but yet he came back on his Air Force One and played golf the same day. Now, is that being loyal to the troops? No. And then he left his wife over there ... for a whole week." - Sharpsburg

"I would like to commend Sheriff Mullendore for being on the road and doing his duty as a sheriff. If he hadn't been on Rench Road, the two bank robbers would have never been caught. So I want to commend him for being on the road instead of sitting behind a desk." - Halfway area

"Doug Mullendore, you're like the bounty hunter. Maybe you should come near Greenbrier school and check that out, for speeding. You should be on 'Dog, the Bounty Hunter.' You're A-1 in our book." - Mount Lena

"Concerning the motorcycle ride to the VA center that was held Sunday, I feel that was great for them to raise all that money that goes to the VA center, but I thought it would really be great if they could raise the same amount that they raised for the cancer society on all those Relay for Lifes. ... It would be nice if people would take into consideration and donate more money for the veterans to the VA center." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Obama is destroying this country and he must be removed from office immediately." - Leitersburg

"We live in a development where a family owns three cats who are allowed to run freely day and night. They kill bushes, grass, and baby birds and rabbits. When confronted, the people become angry and refuse to keep the cats inside. They know it is against the development rules and nothing is being done about it. What if every family had three cats running around?" - Hagerstown

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