Heritage Academy students compete at festival

June 08, 2009

Students from Heritage Academy competed in the Association of Christian Schools International Super Activity Day on April 24 at Riverdale Baptist School in Upper Marlboro, Md.

During the day, students competed in a Math Olympics, Speech Meet and Art Festival. The following awards were presented.


Evan Reese, third in fourth-grade computation

Michael Hendershot, second in fifth-grade reasoning

Tyler Reese, second in sixth-grade reasoning


Superior rating

Mackenzie Householder, second grade, Poetry, "The Balloon"

Jakob Line, second grade, Bible memorization, Psalm 86:11-13

Spencer Nigh, second grade, Fable and Folklore, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"

Faith Horst, third grade, Poetry, "Hide and Seek"


Chloe Prejean, fourth grade, Poetry, "My Shadow"

Sarah Culver, Stephanie Eberly, Kristin Fisler, Nicole Gaylor, seventh grade, Puppets, "The Good Samaritan"

Katrina Williams, seventh grade, Humorous Poetry, "The Class Reunion"

Michele Brooks, eighth grade, Humorous Reading, "In Which Pooh and Piglet GoHunting and Nearly Catch a Woozle"

Kristin Hoffman, eighth grade, Dramatic Reading, "Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl"

Zach Muller, Bryce Nigh, Tristan Prejean, eighth grade, Puppets, "The Good Samaritan"

Stephen Brewer and Adam Tresler, ninth grade, Duet Acting, "Who's on First?"

Michael Donmoyer, ninth grade, Bible Reading, Psalm 18

Christian Strickler, ninth grade, Bible Reading, I Corinthians 13

Travis Barthalow and Josh Long, 11th grade, Duet Acting, "When Pirates Ruled the Sea"

Ruth Clarke, Morgan McIntire, Grace O'Brien, Alisa Russell, Rachel Shirk and Megan Smetzer, 12th grade, Readers' Theater, "Hairum-Scarum"

Excellent rating

Sophia Layman, fourth grade, Fable and Folklore, "The Lion and the Mouse"

Evan Reese, fourth grade, Bible memorization, I Corinthians 11:23-29

Jessica Kirby, fifth grade, Poetry, "All Things Beautiful"

Collin Poyle, eighth grade, Dramatic Poetry, "The Village Blacksmith"

Emily Barr, Rachel Clarke, Abbey Jackson, and Abigail Morgan, ninth grade, Readers' Theater, "Robin Hood"

Callie Butts, Michelle Creswell, Jessica Gaylor, Kathleen Kidd and Stephanie O'Brien,ninth grade, Readers' Theater, "Little Women"

Matthew Culver, ninth grade, Dramatic Interpretation, "I Have a Dream"

Morgan Nield, 10th grade, Impromptu

Rachel Shirk, 12th grade, Dramatic Interpretation, "Pride and Prejudice," chapter 1

Good rating

Maelynne Patey, third grade, Bible memorization, Psalm 103:1-12

David Anderson, fifth grade, Dramatic Bible Prose, "Jesus Healing the Two Blind Men"

Emily Hemphill, fifth grade, Patriotic Oration, "Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl"

Hannah Muller, fifth grade, Bible Memorization, Psalm 119:1-12

Joshua Taggart, seventh grade, Scripture Reading

Kayla Kriner, 11th grade, Interpretation of Children's Literature, "Love You Forever"

Alison Garrett, 11th grade, Interpretation of Children's Literature, "The Cat in the Hat"

J.R. Dudeck and Joey Wall, 11th grade, Duet Acting, "Flying by Faith"

Art Festival

Superior rating

Michele Brooks, eighth grade, watercolor painting

Tristan Prejean, eighth grade, color pencil drawing

Stephanie O'Brien, ninth grade, tempera painting

Laura Kelley, eleventh grade, tempera painting

Excellent rating

Sammy Hardy, third grade, oil and pastel color drawing

Hannah Barnes, fourth grade, oil and pastel color drawing

Ben Jackson, fourth grade, fabric art weaving

Chloe Prejean, fourth grade, fabric art weaving

David Fisler, fifth grade, tempera painting

Jacob Barr, sixth grade, papier-mache sculpture

Hannah Gaylor, sixth grade, papier-mache sculpture

Crystal Brooks, seventh grade, graphic design

Collin Poyle, eighth grade, fabric art, yarn mosaic

Robert Martin, ninth grade, tempera painting

Jessy Jaquez, 10th grade, print-making, stamping

Daniel Mowen, 10th grade, crayon-and-ink etching

Caroline Clark, 10th grade, black-and-white pencil drawing

Kayla Kriner, 11th grade, graphic design

Rebekah Clarke, 11th grade, crayon-and-ink etching

Megan Smetzer, 12th grade, black-and-white pencil drawing

Morgan McIntire, 12th grade, crayon etching

Good rating

Amy Gaylor, third grade, oil-and-pastel color drawing

Nick Sword, third grade, color pencil drawing

Morgan Tabler, fifth grade, tempera painting

Jessica Kirby, fifth grade, tempera painting

Chris Harrell, sixth grade, color pencil drawing

Philip Rowe, seventh grade, graphic design

Katrina Williams, seventh grade, watercolor painting

Michael Donmoyer, ninth grade, tempera painting

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