Waynesboro school board makes some cuts

June 08, 2009|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- The Waynesboro Area School Board on Monday pared $232,000 from its 2009-10 budget, informally choosing to reduce the amount of money dedicated to small repairs at buildings.

The board met for a budget workshop and started the evening with a $784,561 anticipated deficit. Members in attendance agreed to cut in half the amount set aside in the account that includes the computer network, vehicles, and smaller "capital projects" like broken doorknobs and light fixtures.

Board members also identified areas in which they want to receive more information from the administration -- obligations in the capital projects account, possible retirements of teacher aides and clarification within the athletic budget.

The board talked extensively about the unclear information concerning how much stimulus money will be received and how it can be spent. Business Administrator Caroline Dean said $850,000 is in limbo.


"We still have no information on that," she said.

Board member Ed Wilson questioned where the school district would find $850,000 if the stimulus money was not awarded. Some officials cautioned that the fund balance (savings account) would take a substantial hit even if taxpayers were forced to pay the maximum real estate tax increase allowed by the state.

The board is already dipping into the fund balance for $135,940 to pay for two computer programs dealing with records.

Debated again were the merits of pulling an assistant principal from Waynesboro Area Senior High School to replace retiring middle-school Principal Larry Bricker. Wilson had proposed it as a permanent arrangement, but on Monday asked board members if they would be amenable to trying it on a one-year, temporary basis.

"I personally think we need the two (assistant principals) at the high school. That's a tough place," board member K. Marilyn Smith said.

"I can't support that, either," board member Pat Heefner said.

"We've got to cut some money here," Wilson said. "Somewhere, we've got to cut some money."

Revenues are projected at $49.7 million for 2009-10.

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