High school parking issues resurface

June 04, 2009|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- Old issues concerning traffic and parking around Waynesboro Area Senior High School resurfaced Wednesday at a Waynesboro Borough Council meeting.

Councilman Ronnie Martin asked that residents be invited to the next meeting to share opinions about student parking on roads around the school. The council also talked about the extension of East Third Street and damaged East Second Street pavement.

Councilman Craig Newcomer questioned where the school board stands with "its promises."

"This is the year they were funding and putting in Third Street," Martin said, talking about plans to eliminate East Third Street's dead-end and extend it to the school.

Reached by phone, school board President K. Marilyn Smith said she's unsure of the status of the East Third Street project.


"I know we're going to do it sometime, but I don't know if it's in this year's budget," Smith said.

The council agreed to contact school officials about the extension of East Third Street. It also asked that residents share thoughts about on-street parking at the June 17 meeting, much like they did last year.

"I personally view the school board as any business. You've got to provide off-street parking," Martin said. "Otherwise, we might not be able to issue a (final) occupancy permit."

Newcomer said he received a call from a motorcyclist who almost crashed on choppy pavement at the intersection of East Second Street and Enterprise Avenue.

"Is there anything we can do to at least smooth that out?" he asked.

The road was damaged by 30-ton trucks used during high school construction as well as utility lines installed underneath it, Martin said.

"I'm sorry, that's not up to us to pay for," he said.

"We need to put pressure on the school," Councilman C. Harold Mumma said.

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