Schindel's Pharmacy robbed

Two men take cash, OxyContin

Two men take cash, OxyContin

June 04, 2009|By ANDREW SCHOTZ

HAGERSTOWN --Two men who robbed Schindel's Pharmacy on Thursday made everyone lie down as they stole cash and a prescription drug, an employee said.

Karen Hartle, a pharmacy technician, said the men claimed they had a gun.

After grabbing the prescription drug OxyContin, they stole money from the register, Hartle said.

Schindel's is on Oak Hill Avenue in Hagerstown's north end.

Four employees were in the store when the robbery happened shortly before 3 p.m., Hartle said.

Hagerstown Police Lt. Tim Wolford said it wasn't clear if the robbers actually were armed.

He said one man was described as black and heavyset, and was wearing a parka with a fur-lined hood.

The other man, also black, was thinner and was wearing a black, hooded sweat shirt with red lettering.

Both men had their hoods pulled up.

Hartle said the robbery happened "very quickly."


"Not a good day," she said.

OxyContin, an addictive prescription drug sold illegally on the streets, has been prized in other drugstore robberies.

A robber stole OxyContin from Magnolia Square Pharmacy on North Walnut Street in April, police said then. The robber, who was wearing a sweat shirt and dark baseball cap, produced a note saying he had a gun.

A similar robbery happened at Russo's Pharmacy on North Cannon Avenue in 2007, when two men with stockings over their heads -- one with a gun -- stole OxyContin.

Pharmacies in Sharpsburg, Williamsport, Clear Spring and St. Thomas, Pa., and the CVS on Dual Highway in Hagerstown also have been robbed of OxyContin in recent years.

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