Mail Call

June 03, 2009

"I'd like to give hats off to The Herald-Mail for the excellent coverage of the state track meet down at Morgan State University in Baltimore. Excellent coverage on the 22nd and 24th of May. Hats off also to the Smithsburg boys and the Williamsport girls, for capturing state titles in 1A." - Smithsburg

"I'm reading Monday, June 1, reference to the traffic hazard on 66 at Cavehill Road. Thank you for putting that in the paper, and please put this in. There was another accident there last night. Somebody's gonna get killed. ... You have to pull halfway out in the road before you can see. Please, get together and do something about it. Other people, write in. It's on Cavehill Road, right at the bottom, at the stop sign." - Smithsburg

"I would like to say that I watched the people at the Boonsboro carnival handle the food and so forth. They did not wear gloves, but they didn't handle money, so - every sandwich was wrapped, so there was no problem there. The french fries were put in cups with scoops. I watched them all. Why don't these people quit complaining about the fire and rescue companies doing fundraisers, and support them?" - Boonsboro


"I live south of Hagerstown about five or six miles, but I just wanted to comment on the trees and the sidewalk that's been installed next to South High. I think everybody complains about things, but I think it looks great. I like the way they have it all set up with the trees growing and blooming. It just makes it pretty down there. Just wanted to pass that on." - Washington County

"Do people really think they are going to get free quality heath care from the federal government? Look at the record on social projects. Social Security and Medicare are both said to be going broke. The same will happen with health care unless taxes are raised considerably. The rich will buy quality health care. The poor will get what's left over." - Rohrersville

"I wholeheartedly agree with the caller in the June 1 Mail Call who stated that Obama is worried about torturing terrorists, but not the killing of innocent babies. Our country has things completely backwards. We care too much about saving animals or not hurting terrorists. However, we are willing to kill an innocent baby before he or she has a chance to live. Women do have a choice, and the only one is not an abortion." - Hagerstown

"I noticed that the Chewsville post office in Chewsville, Md., they had a beautiful window display for Mother's Day. Now it's one there for Father's Day. And I called the one in for Christmas that you put in, and they had a lot of response. If somebody gets by there, look at the front window at the post office in Chewsville. Beautiful display. Good job." - Chewsville

"To the lady that bought two curio cabinets at my yard sale on Oak Forest Drive on Saturday, May 23: I need you to come back. I gave you the wrong shelves." - Hagerstown

"Remember the Y2K arrests and detention of suspected terrorists at our borders. Well, that's one of the things that the Clinton administration did to prevent another attack after the first World Trade Center bombing. They also turned over a series of reports for the Bush administration, about what to watch for. But Bush went on vacation, for weeks on end, in the summer of 2001." - Maugansville

"I'm calling on behalf on the Nutter's Ice Cream team that was in the Washington County softball league, middle school division. I'd just like to thank the three gentlemen who coached my daughter this year. Hats off to them. They did a wonderful job. I know it wasn't easy. The girls did well, and good luck in the tournament coming up." - Boonsboro

"I'm calling to see if anyone can answer a question for me. I'm wondering why the public schools weren't ended last Friday, because my daughter is in sixth grade. ... Today they have a picnic in the park, and parents took the kids home early today. There was no instruction. Tomorrow there's a pool party in town at the pool, and there's no instruction, and then June 3 is the last day of school." - Williamsport

"This is to the person around Mount Lena that's throwing yellow hair stuff spray or dye on the black cat with white paws. It's clean down to her skin, and I think that's awful. She's licking herself like crazy. It's tearing the hair out of it." - Mount Lena

"As a taxpayer - a hardworking taxpayer, I might add - I see a lot of comments about people on government aid, especially welfare. Now, I don't care what they spend their food stamps on. It doesn't really matter. My concern is this. These people move into low-income areas and they don't have any respect for other people's property or other people's rights. ... Eat what you want. Just respect other people." - Hagerstown

"I would just like to commend the Boonsboro ambulance and rescue on the fine carnival food they provided this past week. I know they all worked very hard; wanted to commend all of them. We live in Boonsboro, and we'd like to thank them for all they do." - Boonsboro

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