Greencastle warns property owner

June 02, 2009

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Borough of Greencastle officials say they will put an end to a nuisance on South Carlisle Street if the owner does not take care of it in the next few days.

The Borough Council authorized Manager Ken Womack to issue a notice of nuisance to Brian Myers, the owner of a home at 122 S. Carlisle St. that they say has become a hazard to neighbors.

With broken windows, overgrown vegetation, an infestation of pigeons and untended trash, the property is a safety hazard, Womack said.

It is "unsanitary, unfit for human habitation or in such condition that it is likely to cause sickness or disease" and has been a subject of complaint from neighbors for years, he said.

The notice authorized by the council on Monday is not the first notice given to the property owner, Womack said.

Most recently, on May 21 the borough filed a criminal complaint against Myers for the nuisance.


The borough voted to issue a notice of nuisance determination to Myers and give him "reasonable" time to comply.

If Myers does not comply, the borough will abate the nuisance and, most likely by way of a lien, recoup its expenses plus a 10 percent fine, Womack said.

- Kate S. Alexander

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