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North High hosts International Night

North High hosts International Night

June 02, 2009|By LAURA BELL / Pulse Correspondent

North Hagerstown High School students took a trip around the world - and all without leaving the school.

On May 22, North High was home to the second annual International Night. The event is hosted and organized by the International Club and its advisor, Robert Evarts, a language teacher at North High.

The members of the club and students involved represented more than 30 countries with posters and displays, with about 15 countries represented by the students themselves.

In some exhibits, there were food samples from the country available for tasting. In other displays, examples of music or traditional clothing showed students what life is like in that country.


"I really enjoyed sampling all the foods from different countries. It was great trying new flavors," said Christine Brugh, an 11th-grader at North High who attended the event.

Throughout the evening there was dancing, music for the crowd of students to enjoy while learning about other cultures. There were several video presentations about Haiti and Turkey, and performances by a Hispanic band, and the First Haitian Baptist Church Choir.

A group of Russian students also taught students how to do a traditional dance to Russian music. And a group of students performed a traditional African dance for the audience.

The idea for an International Night started last year by a group of friends. All were from various ethnic backgrounds and wanted to show their pride for their heritage as well as show other students the many ethnicities present at North. This year, the event was organized by Shaina Alvarez, Daniela Parra and Maria Vera.

The students raised money throughout the year by selling pizza after school and asking for donations from local businesses. Teachers and other students interested in being involved helped organize the event.

"The International Night has really changed since last year, there's more enthusiasm, more people, and more countries present," said Shaina. "The best part was when everyone joined in with the dances and became part of the show."

While preparing for the evening, the International Club grew in numbers.

The club started with about 25 members. But "as the International Night became closer, more people came to help out," said Daniela.

As the night neared, Maria said the hardest part was "keeping everyone focused and moving."

The evening ended with a bang with the performance by a trio of Bolivian dancers.

Shaina, Maria, and Daniela said they were proud of their accomplishment, and that "all of us worked as a team and worked hard to make the night happen," Maria said.

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