Chambers' role on utilities commission questioned

June 01, 2009|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

BOONSBORO -- Two Boonsboro Town Council members pushed Monday for further clarification of fellow Councilman Kevin M. Chambers' role on the town's utilities commission.

Chambers was serving as a commission member when he was elected to town council in 2006. He then was asked to serve as a liaison, and his four-year term in that capacity ended Monday. Chambers' reappointment to the utilities commission as a liaison was to be considered by the council Monday.

Chambers is chairman of the utilities commission -- a position to which he was elected by fellow commission members.

Councilwomen Natalie Mose and Barbara Wetzel said during Monday's council meeting the town attorney had said that Chambers could not serve both as a liaison to the commission and as chairman of the commission.

Chambers said Monday a decision on the issue was postponed until the council received clarification from its attorney on whether Chambers can serve in both roles.


Neither positions have voting rights.

"That's something I've argued for three years," Mose said. "I was on two commissions, and I had to come off of the commissions when I got on the council. I was not a chairman of either commission."

Mose was elected in 2006.

"It's clear that council member Chambers cannot serve as both," Mose said.

Mayor Charles F. "Skip" Kauffman Jr. said he believed the town attorney's opinion supported keeping Chambers in both positions.

Kauffman said he wanted to keep Chambers involved in the utilities commission because of several costly sewer and water projects the town is undertaking.

Kauffman asked Chambers to continue serving on the commission until the issue was resolved.

"It's very crucial that you stay involved in that," Kauffman said.

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