Letters to the Editor

May 30, 2009

Fuel standards will help us all

To the editor:

Consumers, automakers and the environment all will benefit from the Obama administration's historic new automobile standards, which in the next several years will mandate a 10-mile-per-gallon improvement in fuel economy and a 30 percent to 40 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from exhaust.

These regulations will consolidate fuel economy standards from the Department of Transportation, greenhouse gas restrictions from the Environmental Protection Agency, and clean car standards that 13 states (including Maryland) and the District of Columbia adopted voluntarily in previous years.

Under this legislation, future fleets of cars and trucks will average 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016. Major auto companies finally will possess the long-term certainty necessary to invest confidently in technologies that will help champion sustainable industry. We consumers will save billions at the pump and help sever our addiction to foreign oil.


We should applaud President Obama and his administration for colluding with automakers, environmentalists and labor alike to confront the imminent specter of global warming. We citizens must continue to research and advocate more sustainable lifestyles, for both ourselves and future generations.

Josh Carson

Make a difference

To the editor:

I'm sending this letter from Lithuania, located in Northern Europe. I am a resident of Washington County. My wife and I are Christian missionaries who teach the Bible, build churches and homes, and conduct ministeries to children and adults worldwide, including North America.

We and the group we are leading on this missions trip worked very hard today, so during some free time in the evening we decided to visit a Jewish Memorial where 8,000 Jews were lined up and shot down, then buried. The mass grave marks their tragedy. As we gathered around the mass grave we sang hymns and prayed. Whether Jewish or Gentile, injustice in this world must be answered.

I left that mass grave with a renewed vigor to do all I can, and to inspire others, to stand up for and fight against injustice. Often, we feel that we are helpless and cannot do much, but do all you can. Make a difference for one. There are other "holocausts" happening in our world today. From Sudan to the unborn, from East to West, there are ways to make a difference. If each of us will do a little, it will amount to a lot.

Edmund Burke said: "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Do something. Write, pray, go, send, fund, talk, invest, teach, help, shout, cry, feed, clothe, etc.

Jesus Christ taught us to do unto others as we would have people do for us.

Oh friends, never lose the tear in your eye for those in need.

John and Melissa Miller
Missionaries with Churches in Missions

Let's find out the truth

To the editor:

Recently our president said that he would not release about 60 torture pictures. I believe that the right thing to do is for President Obama to appoint a special prosecutor and turn over those photos - along with all the other evidence that goes with it. Let's let an independent investigator look into this situation and judge if there was something illegal going on.

And if the evidence leads to charges, then the attorney general needs to apply the law fairly, for no one in this country is above the law. Getting to the truth all starts with the appointment of a special prosecutor and it should be done immediately.

Mary K. Jones

Protect the environment

To the editor:

When your teenage or young-adult child asks you, What did you do to make a difference?, what will you be able to answer? Possibly being the best possible parent is all you need to say.

The awareness over the last 40 years of the fragile nature of our planet has been recognized universally. Land and water have been compromised to an extent it will take decades to restore these areas. I would hope there are no more "Love Canals," however my suspicions lead me to believe they are out there.

I believe it is the responsibility of every citizen to participate in protecting the environment. Grass-roots organizations can do much to bring an awareness about recycling, however, to be affective, government must become involved. As a citizen of Washington County, it is your right to ask your government to do more in this area.

Meredith Fouche

A fine school in need of your support

To the editor:

I'm writing to tell incoming parents about Western Heights Middle School. I'm not from this area originally, but I have been here 13 years. I have had two sons in WHMS. When my first entered, I almost sent him to private school.

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