Letters to the Editor

May 28, 2009

Sign up with ham radio

To the editor:

I hope everyone enjoyed the recent article about the two young girls who recently obtained their ham, or amateur radio license. Amateur radio is one of the most inclusive hobbies for people of all ages and abilities.

Other than the ability to read and study for the 35-question exam, you need no physical skill, specialized aptitude or knowledge to pass the test. Amateur radio is also a worldwide activity, studded not only with people who might be your neighbor, but royalty as well. The king and queen of Jordan, and the king of Spain are just some of the people you might find on the air.

Former Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater was constantly on the air, often patching communications through between servicemen in Vietnam and their families.


As was well-stated in the article, it is also the safest communication tool for young people, as there is always an amateur listening hoping for another good contact.

I hope everyone takes a minute to see if this may be a hobby that would be of interest. Worldwide communications, emergency service, community support and fun all make up amateur radio.

If you think you might be interested in the West Virginia area, I hope you will contact our club, The Opequon Radio Society.

The amateur radio club in the Eastern Panhandle is located at the VA Center in Martinsburg.

Our meetings are the last Thursday of the each month at 7:30 p.m. Please feel free to contact me, the activities director, for directions and more information at 304-264-4009 or you can e-mail me at:

Jay B. Tabor
Martinsburg, W.Va.

Card bill is little help

To the editor:

No limit on interest? Card companies can still refuse to close my account and set up payments, and can charge me $39.95 as a late fee for one day late on a $1,500 balance? We need real reform and this bill is not it!

Victoria Ross

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