Mail Call

May 28, 2009

"This is to the caller from Hagerstown who said that animals are much better than children, and that children treat you like a dog. Using your own logic, if children treat you like a dog, wouldn't they be treating you well, since a dog is an animal?" - Boonsboro

"I believe in God, and I do think that animals are as important as children, especially if they are a member of your household. They sleep with you, eat with you, live with you. Yes, they are just as important as your children." - Clear Spring

"I am calling in response to what kind of flowers are on Potomac and Eastern Boulevard. I was driving out past there, and I glanced over. I believe it's some type of like a wild rose. But they are gorgeous. But that's really bad there, because you've got people merging over, trying to get over into the left lane and all that. ... I enjoy Mail Call." - Hagerstown


"Would you please read Leviticus in the Bible, Leviticus chapter 18, verses 22 and 24, and I'm sure then someone will be able to call in and tell everyone why it doesn't mean exactly what it says." - Shepherdstown, W.Va.

"I was wondering who is responsible for the sidewalks in front of a business? Is it the business, is it the building owner, or is it the city? Some of these uneven sidewalks - I've seen people fall, people have fallen, and I just wonder who is really responsible for the upkeep of them." - Hagerstown

"OK, I'm calling about this water and sewer thing now. I don't know of anything that has upset me more. This water and sewer is really ridiculous." - Hagerstown

"Why do you never see the police department issuing citations to these people in shopping centers that park along the curb because they are too lazy to park in a parking space and walk to the store? Seems a good way to make some money for the police department, and help those of us that would like to see the emergency lane used for its intended purpose."

- Hagerstown

"In tough times as we are in now, no government should raise taxes over the previous rate. Additional money shouldn't be collected due to automatic increased assessment either. When people have less, the government should get by on less also, including school systems." - Greencastle, Pa.

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