Mail Call

May 27, 2009

"I appreciate the caller who called in correcting me on the word 'kudos.' So it doesn't mean 'thank you.' Well, even if it is a word meaning glory or praise, then let's use the English word 'glory' or 'praise' for this or that. We are not Greek, so 'kudos' still is a dumb word." - Boonsboro

"To the caller when President Bush ran the deficit up: He had this terrorist attack called 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and to reinvest in our military after President Clinton gutted it." - Hagerstown

"God bless Vice President Cheney on his rebuttal of President Obama, regarding the CIA, waterboarding and Gitmo. In a basketball analogy, it was a slam dunk." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the recycling. I'd just like to make the point that this is not an issue of old people versus new people. In fact, it's quite a conservative approach, to conserve our resources and not make new landfills that will cost a lot more in the long run with more taxes. So I think the comments on Thursday were completely out of line, and I totally support curbside recycling in Boonsboro." - Boonsboro


"Kudos to the lady who doesn't like the word 'kudos.' And also, to the people who bought the crabs with the food stamps: Kudos to them. Food is food. ... And to the one who doesn't believe in God: ... Well, you might think a little different when you're kneeling before your maker. ... And to all those whiners who complain about every little thing, about them not getting in Mail Call: ... There's about 20,000 calls. ... If you get printed, you do." - Hancock

"Three years from today, Government Motors and UAW Chrysler announce that the new 2011 models will be delayed at least another six to 12 months. The Senate select subcommittee on airbags continues to be deadlocked due to Chairman Robert Byrd's insistence that at least 15 percent of all domestic auto production be moved to West Virginia." - Smithsburg

"I think it's about time for some of these people to clean up their mailboxes. Some of the weeds are clean up to the mailbox. If I was the mail carrier, I'd refuse to put mail in there, because sometimes it has poison around there, too, and it's a disgrace to the ones that keeps their properties nice and clean, ... and I think it's time now that they cut them down." - Boonsboro

"I'm so tired of hearing all the complaints in the Mail Call about the gasoline prices. Do you realize the gasoline is a dollar and a half less a gallon than it was at this time last year? Do you people in America really think the gasoline's gonna be a dollar a gallon again? Get real, people. It should be $5 a gallon. And what do I read in the news? China's stocking all their reserves up on oil." - Hagerstown suburb

"Watching the Orioles play the Nationals, and they're wearing these black uniforms, dark jerseys. I'm gonna tell you what, those are hot. Those guys seem to play better in those uniforms, and they look great. Play them all the time, home or away, in those colors right there. Absolutely gorgeous." - Washington County

"It is only obvious that you do not believe in God if you think animals are as important as children." - Hagerstown

"You know, I listen to all these right-wing talk show hosts and the right-wingers and the congressmen, the senators and the right-wing Republicans. All they talk about is how great Ronald Reagan was. You mean to tell me that they don't like George Bush, 41 or 43? It sounds that way to me." - Hagerstown

"I nominate Judge Judy for Supreme Court." - Hagerstown

"I know there's a 1-800 number out that you can call to stop junk mail. Does anybody know if there's an e-mail address for that, and if so, can someone please put it in the paper?" - Boonsboro

"I was wondering if anybody knows, could tell me what kind of flowers those beautiful pink and red flowers at the intersection of Eastern Boulevard and Potomac Avenue are." - Maugansville

"Regarding the seat belt arguments: I would much rather take my chances surviving flying out a window than being trapped inside a burning car or a mashed-up car or what have you. I will not wear my seat belts. I am 50 years old, and the last time I wore seat belts was to take my driver's test. And if they pull me over and give me tickets, I'll take it to court. It's against my human rights." - Hagerstown

"This is May 25, 2009, Memorial Day celebration day, and The Herald-Mail has four front-page stories, all positive. That is really a 'Wow.' Thank you for good work." - Lemasters, Pa.

"This is for the gentleman that lives in Hagerstown and said that he's not going to vote anymore because parking was too hard. ... Seriously, it's our duty as U.S. citizens to vote, and because you couldn't find a parking space, you decide not to vote anymore at all? Come on." - Hagerstown

"I read in Mail Call a person wrote in about the oil companies are raising prices in the summer. Pelosi and the Democrats won't let oil companies drill, because they're going green, want you to buy a little car. ... So just put the blame where it is. It's not the oil companies." - Hagerstown

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