College welcomes seventh-graders

May 27, 2009|By JENNIFER FITCH

MONT ALTO, Pa. -- Veterinary medicine. Law. Forestry. Sports management.

A few hands went up when a tour guide asked Wednesday how many seventh-graders had picked a college major already. Others weren't so sure.

Nitika Sharma, 12, and Megan Simmers, 13, said it's too early to decide, but both want to stay close to home when going to college. They had several observations about Penn State Mont Alto during a field trip there Wednesday.

"I thought the (dorm) rooms were pretty small, but they were cool," Nitika said.

And the campus overall?

"It's really big," Megan said.

The girls were among 320 Waynesboro (Pa.) Area Middle School seventh-grade students to take special classes at the college and tour facilities this week. The "Adventures in Learning" program is sponsored by the Waynesboro Area Business Education Community Foundation.


Nitika started her morning in "Wonders of the Human Body," where she learned how to take blood pressure. Bethany Elburn and Terrin Houdeshell, both 13, walked through the woods to learn about evergreen and deciduous trees, then took the campus tour.

"This is my first time here. It's gorgeous and I love it," Bethany said. "I might come here."

Bethany and Terrin paused for a few minutes to watch water move through the campus' mill.

"I could sit here with a really good book," said Terrin, who said she's torn between studying music or marine biology.

Many of the students were especially excited to discover the tree said to smell like Froot Loops.

Campus visits continue this morning.

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