Mail Call

May 27, 2009

"This message is for the engineer and the hard workers who redid Eastern Boulevard between Jefferson Street and the Dual Highway. It is absolutely beautiful, and thank you for a job well done." - Hagerstown

"Please, people, if you want to yard sale, that's fine, but please pull off the road to browse. You don't realize how dangerous you make it for other people who live on those blocks. And secondly, don't block my driveway." - Halfway

"Today is Memorial Day, and I attended the memorial services in Hancock at the American Legion, and out of a town of about 1,900 people, only 30 showed up for this service. Guess they were too busy to care about our servicemen and women." - Hancock

"With the liberals and the ACLU, this country is on its way to civil strife. I'll guarantee you, it's gonna happen in a matter of time." - Shepherdstown, W.Va.


"Let me tell you something. I'll never recycle as long as I gotta pay a flush tax, Save the Bay tax, emission testing, cigarette taxes. Use some of that money and put inmates out there at the dump, picking up plastic bottles if you want. I'm mad." - Boonsboro

"Bristol Palin says she comes second to her baby. That's what motherhood is. Unfortunately, more mothers need to observe this. Then, we wouldn't have so many children being abused by the new boyfriend." - Hagerstown

"There's a young gentleman that goes up and down Barnhart Road in Clear Spring two to five times a day in his burgundy Pontiac with the boombox going loud, and he speeds. I have small children that are always out in the yard or the driveway, and I don't want this boy hitting my children. ... Slow down." - Clear Spring

"I think instead of calling this the Mail Call section of the paper, they should begin calling it the CCC, the Conservative Crying Corner." - Hagerstown

"I need to get someone to teach me how to speak Spanish because the way I look at things, with our gutless politicians and this illegal immigrant bill, in 20 more years this country will be run by the illegals, and I'm gonna have to be able to speak Spanish so I can defend myself on why I shouldn't be kicked out of my country." - Sharpsburg

"I'd just like to say it's a wonderful idea to have a system set up at Robinwood that the volunteers could be called to the entrance to help your disabled and wheelchair patients. This is possible, and it would be great. And would someone please call in with the words to taps?" - Maugansville

"Just curious - has there ever been any real fire drills for these high-rise places, for like where the senior citizens and handicapped people live, or do they just do the fire drills? I mean, we use to have them in school and everything, so people knew what was going on. Can you imagine the confusion if something would really happen? I mean, I really think it should be a necessity." - Hagerstown

"I think the most ridiculous, stupidest comment I've ever read in Mail Call is in Friday's paper, from Sharpsburg, where they've called in 10 or 15 times and they never put it in, 'so if you put this in, I'm gonna punish you and I'm not gonna tell what I was gonna complain about.' People complain about our kids - do you wonder why our children act like they do, when these adults act like that?" - Smithsburg

"The landlord needs to rethink his decision to evict the epileptic. I'm not an expert, but I'll bet the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) forbids this eviction." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"It's Tuesday, I'm reading the Tuesday morning paper, and the person from Maugansville wanted to know what right the government had to bring the Bible into things. Don't people understand, or has it been too long, that every law that we have on our books came from the Bible, and it probably will stay there because of the Bible?" - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"To those who keep calling in about gas prices going up again: There are several reasons for this. The value of the U.S. dollar has declined over 10 percent in the last month. This is mostly due to the incredible amount of debt our country continues to accumulate. Also, the summer driving season is approaching and oil companies will always try to grab as much profit as possible." - Hagerstown

"The person who called in to say why is the government making decisions with concerning the Bible on gays, and why is our government going down that road now - we're not going down that road now. This has always been, and our country's always been a Christian nation, so duh. Read your history." - Hagerstown

"I just came through Pennsylvania Avenue at the new Martin's intersection, and once again, for some reason the road was dug up, and when they fixed it they left a great big pothole. What seems to be the problem in this area, that when they fix something and make it new, someone has to come back in and (mess) it up?" - Hagerstown

"We purchased a digital converter box for our TV, and are only getting a few weird channels. I would like to know if anyone else in the area is having the same problem." - Funkstown

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