Policy would better regulate public schools vehicles


WASHINGTON COUNTY -- Washington County Public Schools owns a fleet of vehicles, and on Tuesday a school board committee discussed drafting a policy that would offer more specific guidelines for their use.

The school system owns 17 cars that can be signed out for short trips, and at least nine employees have vehicles they take home with them during the school year, said Deputy Superintendent Boyd Michael. Only five employees take vehicles home during the summer.

Michael said a revised policy regarding the school system-owned vehicles would ensure that everyone understands how the vehicles should be used.

"Some of our younger staff ... there were some assumptions made that weren't necessarily correct," he said during Tuesday's committee meeting.


He said the 17 cars in the "vehicle pool" must be signed out, and are available for Washington County Public Schools employees and Washington County Board of Education members for short trips to county schools, or longer trips to professional development conferences. If a WCPS-owned vehicle is not available, employees can drive their own vehicles and are reimbursed at a rate of 55 cents per mile.

The nine staff members with take-home vehicles pay tax each day on $3 of income associated with the vehicles.

"We were trying to kind of tighten the use (of the vehicles) up, and regulate it more," said Supervisor of Transportation Barbara Scotto, who is one of the WCPS employees who has a take-home vehicle.

School Board Vice President Ruth Anne Callaham asked whether the school system weighed the cost benefit to owning the vehicles instead of leasing them.

"Basically, anything anyone else can do, we can do cheaper," Michael said.

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