Who's playing at Blues Fest this year

May 24, 2009

The Bad Influence Band

Blurb: The band has been around since 1988

Brand of blues: Chicago-style blues, swing and American roots


The Kelly Bell Band

Blurb: Last we heard, frontman Kelly Bell was a social worker and a professional wrestler on the side

Brand of blues: What the guys call "Phat" blues



Blurb: According to the band's Web site, Bonerama has three live albums and is working on another one


Brand of blues: New Orleans brass, funk and rock


Campbell Brothers

Blurb: The guys (and gals - there are least two women) will perform at City Park on Sunday and will do steel-guitar demos

Brand of blues: They strum for Jesus - steel-guitar gospel in the Pentecostal church tradition



Blurb: Chopteeth's frontman Michael Sereikis told The Herald-Mail that the band's music reflected a loathing of "intellectual malaise"

Brand of blues: A 14-piece Afrobeat ensemble inspired by the music of Nigerian musical pioneer Fela Kuti


Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials

Blurb: Lil' Ed refers to his fans as "Ed Heads."

Brand of blues: Slide guitar


Ruby Hayes Blues Band

Blurb: Performed at the Presidential Inaugural Unity Ball in 2009

Brand of blues: Chicago- and New Orleans-style blues



Blurb: Blues Fest organizer Carl Disque plays sax for these guys

Brand of blues: Influences include Bobby "Blue" Bland, Ray Charles and Howlin' Wolf


The Rhythm Kings

Blurb: Perennial Blues Fest act has been on the roster at least five years

Brand of blues: What the band described on its Web site as "hot guitar"


Janiva Magness

Blurb: Just nabbed two wins at the 2009 Blues Music Awards - B.B. King Entertainer of the Year and Best Contemporary Female Artist

Brand of blues: Hint-hint - she grew up in Detroit during the Motown era


Ronnie Ray

Blurb: Hometown artist has performed at Blues Fest before

Brand of blues: Chicago-style harmonica blues, according to the Blues Fest Web site.


Roomful of Blues

Blurb: The Alligator Recording Artists' latest release is "Raisin' a Ruckus"

Brand of blues: N'Awlins-style blues


Willie "Big Eyes" Smith

Blurb: He got his nickname from Muddy Waters

Brand of blues: Delta blues-style harmonica and drums


The Mike Stern Band

Blurb: Stern has many, many Grammy nods

Brand of blues: Jazz fusion


Jimmy Thackery and The Drivers

Blurb: Thackery has been to Blues Fest before

Brand of blues: Blues guitar


The Derek Trucks Band

Blurb: Trucks says on the band's Web site that his musical career began after he bought a $5 acoustic guitar at a yard sale.

Brand of blues: Blends jazz, rock, blues, Latin and Eastern Indian


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