Music, parody bails out Cantina crowd

May 23, 2009|By HEATHER KEELS

HAGERSTOWN -- A "Bailout Tour" headlined by country music parody artist Cledus T. Judd brought a mix of curious locals and devoted out-of-town fans to Cancun Cantina West Saturday night for a Southern rock concert billed as "the best stimulus package of 2009."

The concert, which was scheduled to be held in Hager Hall, but was moved to Cancun Cantina, attracted about 400 people, owner Jennifer Hare said. Tickets were $15.

Many people at the show said they had seen Judd's videos online and were excited for an opportunity for a live performance by the creator of such YouTube hits as "I Love NASCAR" and "My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy."

"He's funny," said Jacinda Thibodeau, 30, of Hagerstown. "I've listened to him for years."

Thibodeau said she was surprised to hear Judd was stopping in Hagerstown on his tour.

"This is a pretty small place," she said.

Dana King, an account manager who handled advertising for the concert on country station WFRE 99.9, said while Judd was the big name likely to bring the most people in, attendees were likely to become fans of the other acts, Flynville Train and Cody McCarver, before the night was over.


"People who come, once they see any of it, they're gonna stay all night," King said.

Tara Wolfe, 26, of Hagerstown, said she heard about the concert when Flynville Train sent her a request on MySpace. She listened to a sample of their music online and decided to check them out.

"They're like Southern rock-country," she said. "I listen to a lot of the faster, upbeat stuff, but they sound really good."

The concert also attracted fans from out of state, including Pawnja Seay, 41, of Dalton, Ga., who described herself as a "huge fan" of Flynville Train as well as a "buddy" of McCarver.

"Flynnville's such an energetic band," Seay said. "You know their shows are always phenomenal."

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