Mail Call

May 22, 2009

"I haven't seen any news articles about the rise in gas prices." - Funkstown

"I would like to know where in the world this expression 'Kudos' came from. I am so sick and tired of reading kudos to this, and kudos to that. What ever happened to the good old American expression 'Thank you,' 'Thanks'? These people with this word 'kudos' is absolutely ridiculous. It isn't even a word. So let's go back to the original of saying just 'Thank you.'" - Boonsboro

"Summer's almost here. Time for price gouging and record oil prices." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling concerning the election, the city election. As a landlord of a property in the city, I think it would only be right that landlords, regardless of where they live, have the right to vote in the city election, since we have to abide by the rules and the codes - some of the landlords does; some of them don't have to. And you'd have a greater turnout." - Washington County


"How many times have we read that a vehicle leaves the road, rolls into the median, driver/passenger is ejected, and pronounced dead at the scene? They were not wearing their seat belts. Seat belt laws save lives - there is no dispute." - Williamsport

"Why in the world would Washington County hire a husband and wife to be county administrator and finance director? Talk about a conflict of interest - wow." - Hancock

"I'm appalled at the woman for 'Food stamps for crabs?'. The working poor have food stamps. People use their food stamps to buy nutritious food, and they don't deserve crabs, because they have a food stamp card? ... Before she makes these comments, she needs to know what the story is, and she doesn't." - Hagerstown

"Where were you when Bush ran the deficit up to $1.75 trillion, after he took over a surplus from President Clinton? And all he had to show for it after running up a deficit is a bad economy. At least President Obama's trying to put the money back in the country and get it going again." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in reference to General Motors. If they want bailout money, tell them to get it from China, since they're gonna build all their cars over there now, and ship them over here. I don't think we need to give them bailout money. I think the country needs to stand up and take back what is theirs from General Motors." - Hagerstown

"I don't care if you're ex-military, I don't care if you're ex-CIA, torture is wrong. The U.S. was not supposed to torture. When they signed that pact in 1948, all the countries that was involved in World War II signed that Geneva Convention. No torture. Torturers will be prosecuted. ... It's against God's law, because remember, Jesus was tortured." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I just heard our president talking about the new gasoline standards, and how that he used the example as California leading the way in the greenhouses gases, but did anybody tell our president that California is broke, and they need more tax money ... ? So I don't know, do we all want to be like California, all the states? We'll be in trouble." - Boonsboro

"First, I want to say I live a stone's throw from Western Heights school, but I have to vote at Winter Street. Well, I forgot to vote this morning when I was out, so I went back out this afternoon, over to Winter Street to vote. There's a big sign up, go to the modular classroom somewhere, back behind the school. Well, Washington Avenue's one way, and you can't go that way, so guess what, I went to Wal-Mart instead, and I'll never vote again." - Hagerstown

"I'm still wondering why the citizens of Washington County and Hagerstown, the city, are still not up in arms about this water and sewer bill, which seems to be completely outrageous. ... Is there anybody out there who feels like I do, that 4 percent compounded over 10 years is outrageous, when this thing has been going on for over 20 years?" - Washington County

"Concerning people praising the butterflies in Hagerstown, I myself would like to see a patriotic theme at the square in Hagerstown, due to the fact that we still have troops still serving in Iraq and other parts of the world. And also, since Memorial Day is coming up, along with other ... I think they should go with a patriotic theme that shows more meaning, I think." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I see where the county supervisor or somebody called in and left it into Mail Call, if you got a bad spot in your road you're supposed to call in and they'll spend people out to investigate it. ... I always thought the job was for the supervisor or somebody to ... and find the potholes." - Hagerstown

"I know this will never get printed, because you don't print important things in Mail Call. I've called this in 10, 15 times. So now I'm so upset that I'm gonna punish you. I'm not gonna tell you what this call is about. I called to complain, but I'm not gonna tell you what it was about." - Sharpsburg

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