Letters to the Editor

May 21, 2009

More information would be a help

To the editor:

Friday, May 1, there was a proclamation announcing that the last week of April was dedicated to commemorating Crime Victims' Rights Week and also Washington County History Week.

These were small articles on page A8. Obviously, they could have used some better PR. I'm not saying that it is only the local paper's duty, but hey - I've never heard of either one!

I do remember something about prisoners planting trees in memory of their victims or something, but I didn't realize there was a week dedicated to this. And this was specifically "Washington County" oriented, with the County Commisioner's president presenting the proclamation. Some publicity on the county's history would have been interesting to read also.


Sarah Hendershot

A meaningless stereotype

To the editor:

Over the last 30 years I have heard much discussion about inlanders and outlanders in Washington County. Do you have to be born in Washington County to be an inlander?

For my part, I moved to Washington County when I was 9 years old and attended public schools from fourth grade through 12th grade. Am I an outlander?

Actually I find it a silly question. There are citizens who have lived in the county five years or less who have done more for the betterment of the county than citizens who have lived here 60 years or more.

Although we have problems like almost every community in the U.S., we have chosen to remain or move here because the overall environment is desirable to us as individuals or families.

I think the designation inlander or outlander is an undesirable stereotype.

Meredith Fouche

Pitts appreciated

To the editor:

Dear Leonard Pitts;

I read your column in The Herald-Mail in Hagerstown, Md. While many in this area do not appreciate your work, I find you among the most literate, intelligent and thoughtful columnists in our paper.

I frequently clip the column to send to a friend in Hawaii. Your recent piece on torture was excellent. The last paragraph nailed it. No pun intended.

Thank you for your voice of sanity in our reactionary world. God bless you in your work. I hope you have a very long career and that your column remains a regular feature throughout.

Barbara Wagner

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