Mail Call

May 20, 2009

"I am against curbside recycling in Boonsboro. People have enough bills to pay. It isn't just the older people, the people with kids in school and college. If this group pushes this doesn't like it, go back to Montgomery County where they have it. I'm not paying to have it." - Boonsboro

"I'm calling about the group in Boonsboro who is pushing curbside recycling. They claim when they did their survey that 85 percent of the people want it. ... I doubt if they told 5 percent of the people they would have to pay for it. I do not want it." - Boonsboro

"I agree with the person in Mail Call in Monday morning's paper. We do not want curbside recycling in Boonsboro, and I resent the fact that Janine Solberg stated that Boonsboro was in the Dark Ages. We are not in the Dark Ages - maybe just a little bit conservative. If she doesn't like the way we do things here, then perhaps she should return from whence she came." - Boonsboro


"This is to Sharpsburg. In God's eyes, same-sex marriages is wrong, but the government says a man and a woman who's only been married for four months don't exist. They can't even collect Social Security or Navy pensions when he died. He served 25 years in the service, and what's more, what's wrong with this picture? She's even blind." - Hagerstown

"We sleep different hours and work different hours, and a motorcycle on a business property is interrupting everyone at Mount Lena. It is a complete nuisance - a complete nuisance. You can't even hear yourself in the evening when you try to sit outside and talk. So I hope they read this, and shut the motorcycle off and quit showing off." - Mount Lena

"Concerning the installation of a traffic light at the intersection of Stotler Road and Halfway Boulevard, that intersection is akin to opening a road from a large housing development that would lead to I-81, and daring the people to make it their route, when it is the only route they have exiting their development, and will encounter four lanes of high-speed traffic from a dead stop." - Hagerstown

"I and all my 'tea bag-waving' friends do take our rights for granted; they were granted unalienably by our Creator, not by any government. When government takes away or diminishes those rights, it becomes oppressive." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"To the person complaining about the price stickers ruining yard sale merchandise: I personally will not buy from a yard sale that does not have the prices clearly marked. Price stickers work fine for me. I am not one of those people who is going to search for someone at a crowded yard sale to ask them how much something costs. So sticker my merchandise anytime you want." - Boonsboro

"About the whole Miss California thing, I agree with her that marriage is between a man and a woman. If you want to have a relationship with the same gender, go right ahead, I don't really care, but stop (trying) to change the definition of a word. For thousands of years, a marriage has been between a man and a woman. What's next, are you going to want to start calling a square a circle just because somebody feels that would be appropriate?" - Williamsport

"A Mail Call reader called in about General Motors locomotives. There are no more General Motors locomotives being manufactured. The company sold their locomotive division to a Canadian organization, and no longer builds locomotives. Most of the new locomotives today are built by General Electric." - Boonsboro

"I totally agree with Ms. Draper's letter in Sunday's paper, 'Food stamps for crabs.' The amount of misuse is ridiculous. Why should people on food stamps, who supposedly need 'help,' be able to buy food that most of us cannot afford? ... Maybe we wouldn't have such a deficit if the government did analyzed and redid the system." - Clear Spring

"I saw in the paper on Thursday that a man had died in December from being out in the elements, and a lady was found in January, just in time. I just thought there should be something that could be done to help the homeless. ... There's no way I can do it, but I just think if all the churches got together and took in one homeless person, it would help." - Hagerstown

"From what I hear from other people, contemporary methods and music have reached its peak in churches, and now even young people want the traditions back. What do you think?" - Hagerstown

"U.S. government has loaned billions of dollars to insurance companies and banks. They've depressed savings rates for individuals. Local banks are paying 0.9, or less than 1 percent, on savings or CDs. U.S. savings bonds, EE, are paying 0.7, or 7/10 of one percent. It doesn't pay to save." - Hagerstown

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