Mail Call

May 19, 2009

"I just want everyone to know football season is going to be in another couple of months, and we're going to miss, oh, 10 or 12 games, I guess, because Antietam Cable doesn't have the football channel. I hope they're working on solving this right now because I hate ... Thanksgiving night and Christmas Day. Please, Antietam Cable, negotiate with the NFL channel." -- Hagerstown

"I love spring. I have about 1,000 big orange poppies blooming and the irises are magnificent. The peacocks are laying eggs and displaying their beautiful tail feathers. I've already been swimming in the creek several times this week with my dog. I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful area. I hope everyone else is able to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature." -- Hancock

"Could anyone tell me when the class of 1984 North Hagerstown High School reunion will be? It's the 25th class reunion." -- Greencastle, Pa.


"I would like to thank The Maryland Theatre for hosting the Get the Led Out concert Saturday night. For those of you who do not know, they are the premier Led Zeppelin tribute band. For all the Led Zeppelin fans out there, the show was absolutely awesome. I can't wait until they return to Hagerstown again." -- Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I see where the drug companies are giving free Viagra for a year to those who are unemployed. I think there are plenty of other more important drugs, such as for cancer, that could be given by these drugs companies than this unnecessary drug. I'm also sick of the TV ads, and would like a study done as to the preponderance of ads and the increase in sexual assault." -- Hagerstown

"I've been a correctional officer for quite a few years now and I feel I've done a good job in all the years that I have been so far. But one thing I've noticed ... that these people that are in charge, the administrators and a good many of the supervisors, they are almost completely immune to any interests other than their own. ... And this is a big problem when it comes to security." -- Hagerstown

"This is concerning Social Security. If they would stop giving money to illegal aliens, stop letting the druggies and the alcoholics draw SSI, let these kids that have never worked a day in their life draw SSI and get benefits, that there's probably nothing wrong with them, they could work, then Social Security wouldn't be in as bad a shape as it's in. It's time someone cleaned up this mess and did right." -- Hagerstown

"I keep reading in The Herald-Mail about all these people abusing animals and dogs. I don't understand why the judges aren't giving a harsher sentence, sort of like the guy who put the puppy in the trash bag and all he got was probation. What kind of message is that sending the people, that they can just abuse dogs and get away with it? I think we need harsher animal cruelty sentences." -- Hagerstown

"I sure would like to know why a man would get just probation for putting a puppy into a trash bag, when if somebody abuses a child, they go to jail. What's the point? Animals are just as important as children. I think all the local judges in our town need to retire because they don't seem to know what they're doing anymore." -- Hagerstown

"Does anyone out there know how you can get your name out of White They give too much information, and if you don't give permission for your name and everything to be listed there, how does it get there, and how do you get it out? What happened to the Privacy Act, all these papers we sign when we go to the doctor's? Well, the white pages sure is not privacy. Please help us." -- Hagerstown

"In reference to the caller about their road needing repair: Caller, call the supervisor of the county roads. They will determine what crews to send to that area. First, they have to inspect your complaint, then send the proper crews to repair the spot. First they have to determine if it is a city repair, a county repair, and what town the repair is to bill to, so it gets to be an intricate situation." -- Mapleville

"Barack Obama is a wimp who is going to give our country away to the rest of the world, just to appease them. There's times when America has gotta stand up for what is right and George Bush did that. So he didn't let the world shove us around. I guarantee there's gonna be a lot of sorry people when this is all over with Obama." -- Sharpsburg

"I'm calling in to respond to the article in Friday's paper about the firetruck knocking a mirror off a car. I've seen the same thing happen. I've seen a firetruck go up the street and hit a parked car. So I don't think the driver of the car should be responsible for paying for the firetruck to be fixed. These guys that drive these firetrucks need to be careful." -- Hagerstown

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