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May 19, 2009

"The Mail Call column that says about Pen Mar and the blankets - they're not saying you can't have blankets. What it is is people put three and four and five blankets down, saving seats, and then nobody shows up, and then a lot of people don't sit on them because they know that the spaces are saved. But no, they are allowed blankets. ... But they would appreciate that you don't put down three, four, five blankets and no one shows up." - Hagerstown

"Our Constitution already provides for term limits in Congress. When are we as voters going to step up and do our duty as voters, to turn out Congress every two to six years, for the House and Senate, respectively? Don't let these career politicians make a career to help themselves in all the corruption that is going on. Enough already." - Maugansville

"In reference to A2 on the 13th of May, concerning signs on public right-of-way, Kelly Cromer wishing to remove these from right-of-ways on the city and the county: Hats off to you. Somebody finally is seeing the light of it. Check every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It looks like a junk harbor. County and city, other elected officials, support this young lady." - Leitersburg


"Next time the car companies or the banks need a stimulus or a bailout, maybe they should get it from the oil companies, because they've had record profits for the last couple of years. Get the money from the oil companies." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I'm calling to complain about the roads department digging up Virginia Avenue and putting down patches. If they don't soon resurface the road, we could paint each patch a different color and change the name to Patchwork Quilt Avenue." - Hagerstown

"I would like to thank the person on Route 40 near Thompson's Funeral Home, that has the lighted cross on top of the silo near the barn. It is just a beautiful sight to see, and is so welcome in the dark of night, and it just makes you happy every time you see it, and I thank them for lighting the cross." - Clear Spring

"About the lights, I would rather have a dead battery than have a dead person laying in front of me. If you have a good battery, the battery is gonna go dead overnight. All you have to do is write a little note and lay it on the car seat beside you, to remind you to turn out your lights." - Hagerstown

"When I was young, gas prices never rose just because it was summer. Once again, the gas companies are going to bleed us dry if we choose to have a summer vacation. There is no reason for gas to go up 25 cents in one week. I am going to start driving less, and I urge others to do the same. If gas is so valuable, then just let the oil companies keep it." - Funkstown

"I hope you'll print this, because I'm getting tired of leaving comments in Mail Call, about a variety of different subjects on the local area, that are never printed. My feeling is this. I would prefer to read some of the comments that I make than some of the comments that you constantly print about everybody putting down the president that I voted for and am happy about." - Boonsboro

"We're beginning to see ads for cap and trade, and politicians proclaiming how it's gonna help the people. Let's face it, cap and trade means industry is gonna have to pay money to the government, which is gonna be passed on to the consumer. Gee, why don't we call it what it is: A tax." - Smithsburg

"This is in response to the letter in Wednesday's paper about the TEA parties. It was very well-written, well-stated, and a well-reasoned letter. My only question is, where were these 300 people during the last eight years, when government was growing faster than at any time since Reagan's term, when we created a whole new huge bureaucracy in the Department of Homeland Security? ... Their righteous indignation would be a lot more meaningful if it wasn't so transparently political." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"For Tim Rowland and his article about 'Marriage answer was naive,' all I can say is we're not going to change over. There may be some states that may change over to same-sex, but that's not what the Bible says, and since I wrote in before or called in before and didn't get it, Carrie Prejean, all I can say is way to stand up for what's right and like most people say, you go, girl." - Hagerstown

"Do you want to stop prejudice and hate? To me, we have to start with our biggest offenders, who are the Republican and Democrat parties. The hatred there goes beyond common sense and reason. Our worst offenders are the ones that use the labels 'conservative' and 'liberal.' They're trying to split the Americans into two separate parties, and we're not. ... We're all in this together." - Hagerstown

"There is no excuse for using poor grammar. Proper grammar can be learned at any age. Your intelligence may be unfairly judged when you use poor grammar, so treat yourself to a new learning experience by taking a class or using the Internet. We are never too old or too smart to improve ourselves." - Williamsport

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