Letters to the Editor

May 19, 2009

Bartlett likes pork with his tea

To the editor:

U.S. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett's taxpayer-paid Web page includes the headline, "Rep. Roscoe Bartlett Cheered by Hundreds Attending TEA Parties."

But if Bartlett's constituents click on that same Web page where Bartlett must now list the funding he has requested for the coming fiscal year, they would discover $182.85 million in individual defense projects, $75.824 million in nondefense individual projects, and $8.026 billion in nondefense programs. I'm not making this up - go look at his Web page.

What appears to be missing is any list of Bartlett's recommendations for budget reductions. Surely after 16 years in office, Bartlett would have some specific ideas about programs or projects where the budget can be cut.

The cheering hundreds must have forgotten the trillions added to the national debt during eight years of a Republican administration and 12 years of Republican control of Congress. Now Bartlett might say, "well, I didn't vote for any of that spending." But that would mean he either didn't support the budgets of his party and his president, or that despite his seniority, he was not persuasive in convincing his president and colleagues to pass budgets that didn't add to the debt. Which is it?


Bartlett's attempt to have it both ways - to get credit as a fiscal conservative while supporting policies that add to the debt and in making enormous parochial project requests - gives hypocrisy a bad name.

Don DeArmon
Frederick, Md.

Butterflies are the best

To the editor:

I want to commend and applaud the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts (BISFA) Foundation for its ingenuity and competence with regard to the "Take Flight" butterfly sculptures.

The results of this campaign are spectacular from a financial standpoint and an artistic standpoint. If anyone has not been downtown to view these 5-foot pieces of art, it is well worth the trip. The creativity and craftsmanship of most of the butterflies is truly amazing and enhance the downtown area!

I hope that most of these butterflies can remain downtown as a boost to tourism and beautification. I know the Community Foundation is especially pleased with our butterfly and we look forward to proudly displaying it as long as possible in the University Plaza Park.

Kudos to BISFA!

Brad Sell, Executive Director
Community Foundation of Washington County MD Inc.

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