Mail Call

May 18, 2009

"Wonders never cease. I didn't think I'd live to see the day when I would agree with Paul Muldowney on a political issue, but he's right when he says Hagerstonians should vote 'yes' to change the dates of city elections to coincide with presidential elections. I hope everyone agrees with Paul Muldowney on this question. As he said, it will save the city about $100,000 when the next city elections occur." - Hagerstown

"This is to the anti-straight-hair person, from a mother of three girls with coarse hair. It is possible to straighten their hair without chemicals. My girls enjoy all kinds of hairstyles, just like any other girl. Good parenting helps your children decide who they are, not what their hair looks like. I want my girls to feel like they are in a bright light in this world. I hope someday you can get past judging people for their looks." - Hagerstown


"Government should 'butt out.' A child's education is the sole responsibility of the parents. Government schooling can't compare favorably with home-schooling and privately funded academies. In addition, people overwhelmingly tend to value things proportionally to what they pay for them." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"To Sharpsburg: God is irrelevant to the fact that marriage should be between two people of the opposite sex. If there is a God, neither God nor governments should have the right to dictate a same-sex relationship. Nor should they have the right to make these people second-class citizens. In the state of our country, everyone should be equal." - Hagerstown

"I'm ... disgusted with Pelosi and Reid for not drilling for oil when the gas prices are going to go way up, and I think something ought to be done about the State of Maryland. They tax us all the same price on your gas at the gas pumps. It's controlled by the state, and it goes up, they get more taxes." - Hagerstown

"A caller asked who he should call for a permit to build an outhouse in his backyard. He should call his psychiatrist." - Hagerstown

"You know, I listen to all these right-wing talk show hosts, and most of them think they're experts on everything from you-know-what, from here to come. I wonder how many of them ever served one day in the service, was in a foxhole, was shot at. I lay you money, I'll say none of them were." - Hagerstown

"I agree totally with the caller who said a traffic light is needed at the intersection at Stotler Road and Halfway Boulevard. Someone coming out of Lakeside Park or the trucking agency down here is going to get seriously hurt and/or killed. There needs to be a light, or something changed about that intersection." - Hagerstown

"I just wanted to thank The Herald-Mail Co. and the BOE for letting the kids who were chosen to put a little Mother's Day thing in the paper. I thought it was great. It was cute, and I was very honored that my child got picked as one of them and I just wanted to thank you all. I thought it was nice." - Hagerstown

"I always heard a poor excuse is better than none. Now the gas prices are going up, and they say it's due to the economy rising. I want to know when the economy has started rising, with all the people out of work. Can someone give me an answer?" - Clear Spring

"I read in the newspaper where they're saying the recession shrinks the Social Security and Medicare funds. No, our government is taking our Social Security funds. The Medicare funds, the utilities and everything keeps going up, up, up. The people who are out of work, no jobs, losing their homes, can't pay for anything. Why can't they put a freeze until the recession is over?" - Hancock

"I can't understand it. People seem to hate the fountain by the park, but they love the butterflies. I was driving through town today and happened to notice the butterflies don't have any clothes." - Smithsburg

"I just wanted to say hooray, I just got my Maryland tax return back - 47 days. I was getting kind of nervous." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in response to the Sharpsburg person who believes that Miss California is right in her belief that God did not intend for same-sex couples to be together. That's her opinion, as well as Miss California's, and I don't think that that's anybody's business but the people who love each other. And that's just what I think." - Shepherdstown, W.Va.

"To the lady who asked who the liberals are going to blame for the spiking gas problems: The answer is 'summer.' As travel increases during the summer months, refineries circle to meet demand, causing an increase in the price of products. Wait, economics is for liberals - oh, and learning." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"Whoa, wait a minute - $300,000 to add a roundabout, for a congested intersection at Garis Shop Road and Poffenberger Road? I'm 62 years old, lived in the area all my life, and I have never seen anything close to congestion on these two roads. What's going on here?" - Boonsboro

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