Restaurant inspections for March 2009

May 17, 2009
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Nadia Convenience Store, 200 W. Franklin St., Hagerstown - single-serve items must be protected (corrected); bottom of sliding door, shelf by cup dispenser, shelf under hand sink, wall behind three-compartment sink, restroom hand sink, floor under storage table, condenser cover, wall and ceiling of walk-in refrigerator must be cleaned; hazard plan must be developed; paper towels needed in restroom (corrected); hand sink cannot be blocked; Pepsi refrigerator needs thermometer.

Northern Middle School, 701 Northern Ave., Hagerstown - cracked and water-marked ceiling must be repaired; inadequate light intensity; ceiling vents must be cleaned; ceiling penetrations must be sealed.

North Hagerstown High School, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., Hagerstown - inadequate lighting in walk-in units.

Oliver's Pub Restaurant, 1565-1567 Potomac Ave., Hagerstown - missing ceiling tiles must be replaced; single-serve items cannot be used as scoops; odor detected in dishwasher; can opener, cutting board, drains, cooking equipment, exhaust vents, floors throughout, storage room racks, stored dishes and floor of walk-ins must be cleaned; wet wiping cloths must be stored in sanitizer; ice scoop cannot be stored in water; thermometers needed in all equipment; cannot have bare hand food contact; cracked floor tiles must be replaced; hand sink cannot be blocked; leaks must be repaired; inadequate lighting in many locations.


Orchid Garden, 1481 Wesel Blvd., Hagerstown - hand sink, grill filters, floor under grill and wall behind three-compartment sink must be cleaned, wall behind hand sink at breading table must be cleaned (corrected); improper scoop storage in stored rice (corrected); hand sink must be repaired; paper towels needed at hand sink; trash receptacle must be covered; dishwasher not hot enough; choking poster must be displayed.

Park 'N Dine, 189 E. Main St., Hancock - thermometers needed in all units (corrected); ice scoop improperly stored in ice bin (corrected); mouse feces found under shelving; damaged trash lid must be replaced so it will close; freezer in basement must be defrosted; exhaust hoods and can opener must be cleaned; food cannot be stored uncovered in freezer; wet wiping cloths must be stored in sanitizer; damaged floor, ceiling, baseboard and countertop must be repaired; holes and gaps must be sealed; inadequate lighting in food preparation area; wet cardboard on floor of walk-in refrigerator; three-compartment and hand sinks must be repaired; peeling paint in walk-in freezer.

Penn Avenue Meats, 13142 Pennsylvania Ave., Hagerstown - hand sink cannot be blocked; food cannot be stored uncovered; fan covers, ceiling tiles, employee restroom, reach-in refrigerator, floors and vents must be cleaned; inadequate lighting in food preparation area; food cannot be stored on freezer floor.

Pennsylvania Dutch Market, 1583 Potomac Ave., Hagerstown - exhaust vents must be cleaned; broken trash lid must be replaced; surfaces must be smooth and cleanable; missing molding must be replaced.

Pizza Barn Pasta Cafe, 1037 Maryland Ave., Hagerstown - wall by fryer and behind pizza boxes and slicer must be cleaned; preparation table must be repaired; cracked light shield must be replaced; restroom door must be self-closing.

Pizza Hut, 1396 Dual Highway, Hagerstown - hand sink must be repaired; gasket on refrigerator door must be repaired; dishwashing area, lights under buffet, storage area, mold under preparation area, oven, microwave, refrigerator floor and racks, vents, floors, restroom exhaust vents and area around outside trash must be cleaned; inadequate lighting; missing baseboards must be replaced; lights in preparation area must be shielded; utensils stored improperly; trash receptacle must be kept closed.

Quiznos Subs, 18728 North Village, Hagerstown - improper thawing procedure for frozen meats (corrected); inadequate lighting in walk-ins; can opener must be cleaned; single-serve items stored improperly.

R&B Crafts and Baked Goods, Hagerstown City Market - single-serve items stored improperly.

7-Eleven, 17340 Leitersburg Pike, Hagerstown - area around trash receptacle must be cleaned; inadequate lighting in cooler; lights must be shielded; improper mop storage; improper air gap at Slushee machine; wall near waste pipe must be repaired; air gap needed at filtration unit; missing ceiling tile must be replaced; license must be posted and current.

Sheetz, 700 Potomac Ave., Hagerstown - single-serve items must be protected (corrected); improper air gap under three-compartment sink; vents in cooler must be cleaned; inadequate lighting in cooler; area under trash bins must be smooth and cleanable; scoops cannot be in contact with food; boxes cannot be stored on floor.

Smithsburg High School, 66 N. Main St., Smithsburg - improper air break; drain and pipes must be cleaned.

Star Community, 13757 Broadfording Church Road, Hagerstown - damaged floor under dish machine must be repaired; inside of refrigerator must be cleaned.

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