City election set for Tuesday

May 16, 2009

The City of Hagerstown's general election will be Tuesday. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Residents will be able to vote for one mayoral and five city council candidates.

The mayoral candidates are:

o Robert E. Bruchey II, 50, Republican, Incumbent, 905 Woodland Way

o David S. Gysberts, 31, Democrat, 795 Hamilton Blvd.

o Jonathan R. Burrs, 38, write-in, 950 Lanvale St.

The City Council candidates are:

o R. Noel Brady, 68, Democrat, 40 E. Antietam St.

o William M. Breichner, 77, Democrat, 1117 Oak Hill Ave.

o Martin E. Brubaker, 62, Democrat, Incumbent, 183 Brynwood St.


o David A. Lidz, 43, Democrat, 716 Summit Ave.

o Lewis C. Metzner, 56, Democrat, Incumbent, 322 E. Irvin Ave.

o Patrick N. Crist, 46, Republican, 906 Maryland Ave.

o Forrest Easton, 34, Republican, 24 Willard St.

o Jeremy L. Manford, 24, Republican, 913 Chestnut St.

o Don Mohar, 49, Republican, 370 Key Circle

o Ashley C. Haywood, 24, Unaffiliated, 629 Oak Hill Ave.

o Penny M. Nigh, 61, write-in, Incumbent, 634 N. Mulberry St.

The following question will be on the ballot:

Should Article V, Sections 509 and 510 of the Charter of the City of Hagerstown be amended by the Hagerstown City Council to change the date of the city elections to occur on the same date(s) as the primary and general elections for President and other federal offices beginning in 2012?

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