Spending in judicial race tops $135,000

May 14, 2009|By JENNIFER FITCH

Spending in the Franklin and Fulton counties judge race has exceeded $135,000 in the run-up to Pennsylvania's May 19 primary election.

Four candidates are vying for two judge positions in the 39th District of the Court of Common Pleas. One position is new for a fifth judge in the two counties, and the other is a vacancy created by the retirement of Judge John Walker.

Angela Rosenberry Krom, Shawn Meyers, Eric Weisbrod and Timothy Wilmot are all Republicans, but they cross-filed to appear on both GOP and Democratic ballots during voting Tuesday.

The postmark deadline for their latest campaign finance reports was May 8. A spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of State said some reports are posted at, although others are still being processed.


The judge candidates each have two sets of paperwork -- forms for their personal expenses for the campaign, and those contributions and expenditures from their campaign committee. Both were supposed to provide accounting up to date through May 4.

Angela Krom

Krom, an assistant district attorney, reported $38,215 in expenditures from the "Angela Krom for Judge" account and $28,874 in personal expenditures. She and her husband loaned more than $24,000 to the committee.

Krom's major expenses were for printing, magnets and banners, booth rentals, catering, newspaper advertising, billboards, posters and filming of her television commercials.

One hundred and forty-five donations were made to the Krom committee ranging from $50 to $250.

Of 11 contributions made for more than $250, two came from political entities. "Friends of (state Sen.) Rich Alloway" contributed $500. "Bittle for State Legislature" contributed $500 and an additional $120 separately.

Approximately $6,700 remained in the "Angela Krom for Judge" coffers as of the report's filing.

Shawn Meyers

Meyers' campaign committee spent $74,952, according to its report. His personal expenditures report was not available.

Almost $10,500 remained in savings for the "Shawn Meyers for Judge Committee" when the report was filed.

Significant expenses for Meyers, who is Franklin County's solicitor, included printing, radio and television advertising, banners, yard signs, billboards, and payroll and payroll taxes for his campaign assistant.

There were 214 contributions between $50 and $250. Another 48 contributions were made for more than $250.

Two contributions exceeding $250 were made by political entities. "Friends of Rich Alloway" donated $850, and "Bill Shuster for Congress" contributed $750.

Eric Weisbrod

Weisbrod's reports were not posted to the state department's Web site. He provided a copy of the "Eric Weisbrod for Judge" committee report to The Herald-Mail, but said he did not have immediate access to his personal report when asked Thursday evening.

Weisbrod's committee received $9,275 in contributions and spent $9,262, according to the Cycle 2 report.

Thirty-one contributions were made between $50 and $250.

Seven contributions exceeded $250 each. Among them were $500 from Alloway and $500 from former state Sen. Terry Punt.

Weisbrod's single largest expenditure was a $675 booth rental at the Franklin County Builders Show. Other notable expenses were advertising and signs for Weisbrod, who is a Waynesboro area attorney.

Timothy Wilmot

Like Weisbrod, Wilmot's Cycle 2 reports were not posted online. He provided the information verbally to The Herald-Mail.

Wilmot, divorce hearing master for the district, personally spent $1,074 in the reporting cycle. The "Friends of Tim Wilmot" committee reported $12,608 in expenditures.

The remaining cash balance for the committee was $10,108, Wilmot said.

He said $7,000 was spent on signs, magnets and buttons.

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