Service Stars honored


HAGERSTOWN -- Caty Hess spent nearly 1,100 hours volunteering at Hancock Elementary School, helping students with homework, sharing smiles and acting as a "big sister."

Caty, a Hancock Middle-Senior High senior, did everything from tutor children in math to help with the school's PTA. She said the reward was the time she spent working with the students, and she plans to visit them often next year when she is a student at Hagerstown Community College.

Caty was one of about 100 Washington County Public Schools students honored Thursday for earning at least twice the number of required service hours. Students are required to earn 75 service learning hours in order to graduate from high school.

Students earn 60 hours in sixth through 10th grade through activities infused in their academic classes. The remainder of the hours are obtained through approved activities or working with community partners.


School system spokesman Richard Wright said there are 171 seniors countywide who have not completed their service learning requirement yet, but that number is declining daily.

Michael W. Brown, a 20-year-old senior at the Job Development Center, said he earned almost 300 hours volunteering for the Hagerstown Suns, The Salvation Army, funeral homes and other organizations. Much of his volunteer work included landscaping, mowing grass and picking up trash.

Holly Harr, an 18-year-old senior at South Hagerstown High School, said she has earned more than 1,200 hours volunteering at Star Community Inc., an equestrian center. She said has turned in only 454.

Holly, a Washington County Service Star, also assisted with summer camps, and said she chose the equestrian center because, "I love horses and I love people."

Emily Bowers, 18, of Boonsboro High School, earned 167 hours, with most of that time spent volunteering at Fahrney-Keedy nursing home.

"We did crafts with the residents, played games with the residents and talked to the residents," Emily said.

Ben Benner, 17-year-old South High senior, said he volunteered in the Sunday school class at his church, St. Mary's, and decided to use that service for his graduation requirement. He earned several hundred hours working with the class each Sunday, he said.

Marcus Peterson, a 17-year-old Williamsport High senior, earned 555 hours, mostly during the summer volunteering as a camp counselor and through other activities. Marcus also organized blood drives and participated in Civil Air Patrol.

Marcus said he always knew he would exceed the 75-hour requirement and said that mark was not difficult to meet. He also completed many service hours through this involvement in National Honor Society and through his role as Student Government Association president at Williamsport High.

James Horner, a Washington County Technical High School senior, also was one of the county's Service Stars. He has turned in 579 service hours, but plans to record another 120 in the next few days.

James earned most of his hours volunteering at Boonsboro Elementary, where he attended school. James spent about an hour each morning before going to school working with students at Boonsboro Elementary.

"I just wanted to give back to the school that gave me so many memories as a child," James said.

2009 Student Service Learning Senior Honorees

Boonsboro High School

Emily M. Bowers, Erin Canfield, Jamie Ebersole, Bethany M. Ferguson, Camille E. Heim, Karley K. Kaetzel, Joshua N. Lois, Mandy E. Newton, Chelsea L. Painter, Tyler M. Sirbaugh, Cristina H. Tonetti

Smithsburg High School

Coby T. Blum, Rebecca M. Cowden, Deann M. Diehl, Kayla M. Grout, Carly A. Hartman, Bryan J. Johnson, Zachary R. Leaman, Matthew D. Livers, Russell J. Logan, Shelby L. McNairn, Sarah M. Melendez, Kaitlyn N. Miller, Kayla L. Reed, Allyn D. Saling, Valerie N. Smith, Cara M. Wagaman

Clear Spring High School

Kyle J. Downs, Jeremy T. Gardner, Robert L. Hockenbury, Lori B. Porter, Elliott C. Reid, Joe D. Repp, Malea N. Snyder

North Hagerstown High School

Joey B. Banigan, Kevin W. Barnes, Robert C. Barnhart, Courtney V. Bowlus, Autumn T. Breeden, Alyssa F. Collier, Tara A. Daniels, Amanda J. Fairchild, Giovanni H. Fouche, Sydney R. Gilbert, Adam R. Griemsmann, Kishia A. Jackson, Nathan R. Johnston, Jason R. Kirby, Esaite Lakew, Keenan W. Lee, Ashley D. McGraw, Miguel A. Montano, Adam J. Repp, Derek J. Smith, Josalyn A. Smith, Travis L. Walton, Rachel S. Yesacavage

South Hagerstown High School

Benjamin L. Benner, Kayla M. Bigler, Mallory L. Dill, Mark A. Felder, Holly C. Harr, Sarah L. Shawyer, Kyle E. Toms, Kyle A. Zittle,

Hancock Middle-Senior High School

Bethany M. Bowman, Catherine V. Hess

Washington County Technical High School

Christopher J. Condon, Bryan S. Gaver, Brittany N. Gearhart, Stephanie A. Heward, James L. Horner, Stephan P. Ingraham, Nicklas A. Kendle, Robert S. Kopp, Danielle N. Smith, Trencie A. Startzman, Bentley W. Straley, Michael W. Vanhyning

Williamsport High School

Tyler M. Barger, Allaire R. Bartel, Alyssa N. Beattie, Jesse D. Buchman, Tynesha S. Coates, Jordan S. Crilly, Rachel V. Jernigan, Azalik A. McLeod Jones, Derek H. Munro, Marcus N. Peterson, Hannah M. Petro, Kelsi J. Phillips, Grant J. Smith

Job Development Center

Channing N. Boerstler, Michael W. Brown, Dustin R. Carr, Sean S. Crist, David W. King

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