Mail Call

May 12, 2009

"It's high time a traffic light was installed at the intersection of Stotler Road and Halfway Boulevard. We are told that the tractor-trailers coming up the hill cannot stop at a light because of a loss of momentum. Sheer baloney. The people exiting Lakeside Park are taking their lives in their hands every time they try to go east or west with trailer drivers too lazy to change gears." - Hagerstown

"I have mixed feelings about the speed cameras, but I have made up my mind I will try and pressure our elected officials into OK'ing use of speed cameras, especially in school areas. I live near a school and the people just speed through my neighborhood. Not just during school hours but all the time. It's an actual speedway some times. Squealing of tires and a lot of people don't even stop at some of the stop signs." - Hagerstown


"In response to the Mail Call about Penny Nigh. My mother always told me if you don't have anything nice to say about anyone, don't say anything at all. God says we all are one in his eyes. So let's try to see the good for all the people. She does not pick and choose who she helps. As Penny's slogan says: One voice for all the people." - Hagerstown

"I'm usually a generally trusting person, but a couple of things that have happened to me lately I don't believe I trust anything or anybody anymore, and I was just sitting here watching on television where they say the crime rate is down in Washington and a lot of other places. I don't believe it. It's just something they're telling you because they want to get your mind off something else and that's what they're doing." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"The AFSCME union is nothing but a money pit. The main reason AFSCME will do nothing for state employees is simple. State employees cannot strike or they will lose their jobs. There goes bargaining power. And where was AFSCME when state employees were ordered to take furlough days. Bye, AFSCME." - Clear Spring

"Can you believe the bunch ... that we have running our government and our country? I'm sure we all know about the Air Force One flying over New York with a fighter jet following it for a picture of the Statue of Liberty. How stupid can anybody be for not notifying the New Yorkers what they were planning on doing? Can you imagine if you'd been in New York and looked up and saw that? You'd have thought it was 9/11 all over again." - Sharpsburg

"I just read in Saturday's paper where Maryland finally got the green light to go ahead with medical marijuana laws. It's finally about time. Our views of drug laws in this state have been clouded. I see where Dr. Fraser says finally let's not waste our votes." - Big Pool

"What permits do I need to build an outhouse? I have a house in the north end of Hagerstown, and I can't afford the water and sewer bill anymore. So I want to build an outhouse in my back yard. What permits do I need and who should I talk to." - Washington County

"I'm tired of people calling Mail Call and complaining of the way we talk and say things. If you're so uppity, why are you reading Mail Call anyway? Why don't you just move to Frederick?" - Boonsboro

"I hope the next election for Maryland governor, everybody gets out and votes, and votes Gov. (Martin) O'Malley out." - Hagerstown

"Concerning all these people that you reporters make out to be heroes that did something so great: You reporters seem to be forgetting the real heroes in this country today. Aren't these people who serve in the military, shouldn't they be considered as heroes also?" - Greencastle, Pa.

"As I've said before in both the letter page and Mail Call, in the face of all the things in our nation that need fixing, I'm persuaded that we still have many benefits that many third-world citizens can only dream of having. At the same time, my heart goes out to so many that lost their jobs, including some of our own loved ones. Unfortunately, wrong-headed government impacted our economy." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I, too, have enjoyed the butterflies, along with the restored buildings, shops and new restaurants in Hagerstown. Would it be possible for those empty stores scattered throughout downtown Hagerstown to display local art for three months at a time, in other words, seasonally? A clean storefront with beautiful art would be such a delight to see while traveling through." - Smithsburg

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