School redistricting discussions continue


WASHINGTON COUNTY -- Officials once again are proposing moving students from Boonsboro Elementary to Rockland Woods -- an idea that was defeated in 2008 after months of pressure from the community that fought to keep students in a local school.

At least one of the changes being considered would nearly split Keedysville in half, with some students attending Boonsboro Elementary and some enrolled in Rockland Woods. A similar proposal also was offered and rejected in 2008.

Those ideas and others were discussed during a committee meeting Tuesday on redistricting. The committee has been meeting since February and has been asked to present a redistricting plan for Washington County Public Schools by December.

During the last round of redistricting, which took effect at the start of the current school year, 17 schools were affected. More schools might see changes this time as the committee considers redistricting changes at schools countywide.


On Tuesday, the committee approved redistricting changes that would move 22 students to Eastern Elementary from Greenbrier, and another that would move 19 students from Boonsboro to Greenbrier. Public hearings will be held before the Washington County Board of Education makes a final decision on any redistricting changes.

Redistricting proposals being considered would relieve overcrowded schools, like Boonsboro Elementary, which is 158 students overcapacity, and Greenbrier Elementary, which is 93 students overcapacity.

The committee also is considering how to fill schools that are under capacity, like Rockland Woods, which opened in 2008 and has room for an additional 180 students.

A new Eastern Primary School expected to open in 2011 will have capacity for 695 students in prekindergarten through second grade, with a target capacity of 625. The committee is considering sending students from several elementary schools, including Greenbrier Elementary, to Eastern Elementary or Eastern Primary.

David Manganaro's daughter is a fourth-grader at Greenbrier Elementary, but is among the students targeted for a move to Eastern Elementary.

Manganaro attended Tuesday's meeting and said he is concerned that a new school is being opened in a part of the county that does not need additional seats. He said South County is in need of additional capacity.

He said he has concerns about his daughter moving from Greenbrier, which has a track record of solid performance on state tests, to Eastern, which is a Title I school.

"I don't think my daughter will be afforded an equal or better educational opportunity there," Manganaro said.

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