Dog returns to Pa. family after 8 years

May 12, 2009|By RICK KAZMER / Somerset (Pa.) Daily American

SOMERSET, Pa. -- After an eight-year hiatus in the wild, Daisy has returned.

The Brittany spaniel ran off with her mother, Roxy, during a picnic in Trent eight years ago. The Williams family has been waiting for the dogs to return. Almost a decade later Daisy came back to the place where she decided to leave the family.

"Somebody drove by on a golf cart and they took off," said Melissa Williams, whose Somerset family remembers the rambunctious 1-year-old Daisy as a playful pup. Now the dog is around 9 years old. Roxy has not been found.

During the past eight years the Williams family has returned several times to their friend's home in Trent where Daisy disappeared.


But the dog was never spotted.

And then, "she just came out of nowhere," Kayla Williams said.

Kayla was about 4 years old when Daisy ran off.

"She remembered the family," Melissa added. "She jumped on (son) Kody."

Melissa said she is certain the dog is Daisy because of markings on her feet and body. Daisy used to run away often, Melissa said, but always came back. Melissa also recognized scars on Daisy's nose that were caused by porcupine quills.

"She's a little older and a little more gray," she said.

Melissa added that Daisy was without a collar and had matted hair, ear mites and missing teeth when she was found -- evidence that the dog may have been surviving on its own.

But veterinarian Vincent Svonavec said he thinks nearby farmers may have been in contact with the dog over the years. Svonavec works for the Animal Medical Center of Somerset County.

"There are feral dogs that adapt," he said. "She would have had to have learned how to hunt or scavenge off of dead animals."

Daisy prefers table scraps to dog food since she has returned, according to Melissa; however, she is starting to adapt back into civilization.

"She kind of acted like she did not know what dog food was," Melissa said. "Now she seems to be OK with that."

The Williams family plans to keep Daisy on a short leash, given her history of running away. They admit, however, the spaniel seems to be happy now that she is back with the family.

"I think we are all still kind of stunned," Melissa said.

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