School secretary closing book after 41 years


HAGERSTOWN -- Eugenia Vincent has been working since she was a teenager, and now that she is retiring from Washington County Public Schools after 41 years of service, she is looking forward to the free time.

"You can work forever, but I've just never been off," said Vincent, who has worked for the past three years as a secretary at Pangborn Elementary School.

Vincent, 62, of Halfway, began her career as a secretary in the Washington County Public Schools central office before transitioning to Western Heights Middle after about 20 years.

Of the 51 school system employees retiring at the end of the current school year, Vincent has been employed the longest. All are being honored at an annual retirement dinner Wednesday night.


Vincent, a 1965 South Hagerstown High School graduate, said she originally thought she would go into teaching, but after completing three years of college, she went to work for Washington County Public Schools as a secretary.

She said she was told after about 20 years in the central office that she should try working in a school, where she could be around children.

"I love the middle school kids," Vincent said. "They're different, but they're going through the different stage in life. And here (at Pangborn Elementary) they're little, and they're dear."

Vincent said she thought about retiring after the last school year, but wanted to wait to aid the transition into the new Pangborn Elementary, which opened in August 2008.

Vincent said she watched the new school being built and watched the old Pangborn be demolished. When moving into the new building, she said it was easier to have someone coming from the old building.

"Transitions aren't easy," she said.

The school's principal, Richard Gehrman, also will be retiring at the end of the school year, along with two Pangborn teachers.

"I've had a wonderful job experience," Vincent said. "I love working in the school."

Vincent said she's looking forward to spending more time with her husband, eight children and stepchildren, and 20 grandchildren. Her 83-year-old mother is in a nursing home.

"I just love the idea of no schedule," Vincent said of retirement. "It's going to seem strange."

WCPS employees to retire

Washington County Public Schools employees retiring with more than 20 years of service:

o Eugenia L. Vincent, 41 years, Pangborn Elementary secretary

o Judith K. Kerns, 40 years, Williamsport Elementary teacher

o Frank L. Novinger, 40 years, Cascade Elementary teacher

o Sandra L. Jackson, 38 years, Hancock Elementary teacher

o Franklin R. McAdoo, 38 years, North Hagerstown High School teacher

o Linda J. Zonis, 37 years, Salem Avenue Elementary teacher

o Nellie M. Jordan, 36 years, Williamsport Elementary teacher

o Gregory L. Keefer, 36 years, publications print specialist

o Fonda L. Kitchen, 36 years, Williamsport Elementary teacher

o Linda D. Schelling, 36 years, Eastern Elementary teacher

o Kittylee N. Harbaugh, 35 years, central office/instructional improvement teacher

o Anita L. Long, 35 years, Robinwood Early Childhood Center paraprofessional

o Melissa A. Williams, 35 years, central office/Title I programs Title I coordinator

o Nancy J. Nally, 33 years, Lincolnshire Elementary teacher

o Cynthia E. Neugebauer, 33 years, Lincolnshire Elementary teacher

o Christine M. Clark, 32 years, Paramount Elementary teacher

o Kenneth L. Jenkins, III, 32 years, Boonsboro High School teacher

o Thomas E. Kitchens, 32 years, Smithsburg High School teacher

o Linda I. Anderson, 31 years, Northern Middle School teacher

o Thomas W. Dzur, 31 years, Williamsport High School teacher

o Dorothy S. Gonder, 31 years, Pangborn Elementary teacher

o Debra K. Moser, 31 years, Greenbrier Elementary teacher

o Jacqueline K. Swaim, 31 years, Hancock Elementary paraprofessional

o Cheryl L. Zygmunt, 31 years, North Hagerstown High School teacher

o Patricia A. Culp, 30 years, Pleasant Valley Elementary teacher

o Cynthia A. Gehrman, 30 years, Eastern Elementary teacher

o Richard E. Gehrman Jr., 30 years, Pangborn Elementary principal

o Susan C. Kennedy, 30 years, Old Forge Elementary teacher

o M. Karen King, 30 years, Central Office/student services secretary

o Chlorous M. Little, 30 years, Hancock Middle-Senior High teacher

o Gertrude P. Mackrell-Metz, 30 years, Bester Elementary teacher

o Sharon M. Shank, 30 years, bus driver

o Ricky L. Stoner, 28 years, Fountaindale Elementary custodian

o Ruth C. Hyatt, 27 years, transportation crossing guard

o Margery E. Davis, 25 years, North Hagerstown High School food service assistant

o Cindy L. Myers, 24 years, Springfield Middle School custodian

o Craig S. Poisal, 24 years, Boonsboro High School teacher

If you go

The annual Washington County Public Schools' retirement dinner is Wednesday at Fountain Head Country Club.

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