Mail Call

May 12, 2009

"I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed those articles on the student from Smithsburg going to the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts. And I just wanted to tell you that I would really like some more progress and to hear more about the story." - Smithsburg

"I was a vendor at the Boonsboro Greenfest and would like to thank everyone who participated and came out to show how important it is to reduce, reuse and recycle. It was a wonderful day. I'm just sorry The Herald-Mail didn't have pictures to show how well it was. Thanks to Jenny for a wonderful event. See you next year." - Boonsboro

"I think what the mayor and the council members and all ought to do is stop these big rigs from running through Hagerstown. They never used to do this years ago; now they're everywhere you go. They tie up traffic and everything else. They can use smaller trucks in town." - Sharpsburg


"I'm calling about Pen Mar Park opening up the 31st of May. I heard you can't take a blanket to sit on. The benches are dirty. I hope they change their mind and let you bring a blanket to sit on. It will ruin your clothes." - Hagerstown

"Now that Bush is no longer president, who are the liberals going to blame for the spike in the gas prices in the last week?" - Washington County

"When the Health Department goes out and reviews restaurants and other places for proper procedures, I think they should make sure the food is actually served hot - this is to the customer and especially in these assisted-living places. These elderly people are not getting their meals served hot - sometimes they're warm, but most of the time they're not even warm. I think they should be served hot to these people. They don't want to complain. So that would be a good thing for the Health Department." - Hagerstown

"As I pulled into my favorite gas station this morning to fill my tank, the price of gasoline had gone up 10 cents overnight per gallon. When I asked the clerk, she said they hadn't received any fuel for two days. So, can we say profit before you get the purchase of the price of the product you're buying." - Hagerstown

"I'm sitting in the square of Hagerstown and yes, the butterflies do look good. But, I saw an older gentleman walking a young kid here and he was talking to the kid and he walked into one of the butterflies. So they could actually be a hazard, too." - Hagerstown

"To the lady in Hagerstown, that senior citizen that forgets to turn her lights on and her windshield wipers when it's raining, maybe she shouldn't drive with not remembering and all." - Smithsburg

"I just wanted to say to all the mothers out there you know who have some children who have coarse hair who chemically straighten their hair at very young ages that it's wrong and inappropriate, and it's giving their daughters a sense of, you know, that they need to change who they are and to be seen in a brighter light by other people. Please leave your kids' hair the way it is and, you know, just deal with it. I have hard-to-deal-with hair, but I'm not going to change it."- Hagerstown

"Somebody's gender orientation has nothing to do with their competency or their integrity. But somebody who would go around whispering about someone else's gender orientation as if there was something wrong with it lacks both integrity and competency." - Hagerstown

"I received a postcard from the League of Women Voters asking support of their choice of a candidate. It was for a woman. Why is it that they are not supporting the write-in candidate Penny Nigh? She is also a woman. Isn't this league for all women and a vote for all women?" - Hagerstown

"I just saw what I thought to be a very interesting sight and quite refreshing. I saw people tailgating at Municipal Stadium before the Hagerstown Suns game tonight. That was something I never saw. Again, I thought this was very refreshing." - Hagerstown

"I need someone to tell me what is so wrong about believing that same-sex marriages are not the way things should be. Miss California got herself in a lot of trouble about that, even though she was exactly right. God didn't make man and man and woman and woman to be together. He made man and woman to be together." - Sharpsburg

"I'm reading page A7 on the Opinion page on Sunday. I think everyone should read Sunday's paper and get out and vote. Mr. Jonathan Burrs, who is running as a write-in for mayor. He has a very good article. He has a lot of good ideas there. I know who I'm going to vote for." - Hagerstown

"The solution is not to reform the Republican Party, but the solution is to replace it with the Constitution Party." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"Gas just went up another 10 cents a gallon. That George Bush is at it again. You wanna bet?" - Jefferson County, W.Va.

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