Mail Call

May 11, 2009

"I would like to comment on the butterflies in the downtown Hagerstown area. They are absolutely gorgeous. I go through downtown at least once a day and they always bring a smile and a good feeling to me, and I hope we are able to keep them and keep them as beautiful as they are right now. Leave the butterflies alone. Let us look and enjoy. It's just a beautiful addition to downtown Hagerstown." - Hagerstown

"Could we please get some photos of our Hagerstown Suns in the newspaper to go along with the articles? They're a great team and deserve more recognition." - Hagerstown

"I support speed cameras if they were only going to be used where excessive speed posed a genuine safety hazard. School zones for example and if the manufacturer wasn't getting about every driver caught. If such a severe danger exists, then get tough with foreign suspension and big fines. But, this is the camel's nose in the tent. Politicians and bureaucrats are so greedy they'll install them where no real hazard exists." - Frederick, Md.


"Hagerstown - People keep calling and writing in with pros and cons about AFSCME. Please, if you have questions or concerns, go to AFSCME information day and get your answers instead of secondhand."

"Thank you, Mail Call. I don't know who's in charge of these county roads out here, but, whoever's in charge oughta get (on the ball) instead of asking for help and raises all the time and get these county roads picked up. There's a couple of them out here that are terrible when I drive around taking my grandkids to school and if you don't watch yourself, you'll blow out a tire. So I think somebody oughta ... get out here and get the job done. Thank you very much." - Hagerstown

"I was calling about the obituary column. I just think it's sad when you have to start charging for obituaries when it's been free for such a long time." - Williamsport

"I will tell the caller what Penny Nigh can do that the gentlemen can't do because the gentlemen in the past will not answer their telephone messages and Penny Nigh will answer the phone, and she will help out with many, many, many neighborhood problems for individuals." - Hagerstown

"I see it finally came out in Mail Call concerning Bob Maginnis. Anyway, he's only human. I mean you call in comments about him being arrested for DUI, I mean, get over it. I mean he's only human just the same as you and me are. ... Get over it, people. Life goes on. I'd just like Bob Maginnis to know that he has my support and all. True friends stick by each other." - Greencastle, Pa.

"To the callers of Maugansville and Hagerstown concerning the DUI arrest of Mr. Maginnis. We all make mistakes, including you. What shortcoming have you had in your life that wasn't published? I'm sure Mr. M regrets his choice and is thankful that no one was hurt or killed. He is a good man. Please remember his editorial about daily struggles and how he personally asked for the Tri-State area's help. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones ... including Mail Calls."

"I'd like to call and thank the people; about 10 people stopped and asked me if something was wrong with me. I had my keys locked in the car and I couldn't put my groceries inside at Weis. So, I want to thank the concerned people for me till the locksmith came." - Boonsboro

"I don't see how anybody can be that uneducated to say that there's no difference between George Bush and Barack Obama. George Bush never apologized for this country for what it did and he didn't spend money like Barack Obama is spending." - Boonsboro

"I can't believe I read this in Mail Call where it says they don't want Penny Nigh. They said what can she do that a gentleman can't do? Well, that's not the point. There's smart women, too, just like there's dumb men. I mean why would they even ask a dumb question like that?" - Hagerstown

"I just want to say I don't know why we can't get along with one another in this world. I think if we learn to get along with one another and help one another and do the right thing and do what God intended for us to do, I don't see why we couldn't get out of this recession, not only in this country, but all over the whole world. I think it's time that we lay aside our prejudice." - Hagerstown

"I was appalled after reading about the proposed increase for the school board ... meals from $50 to $70. Actually, $50 is too much. The school board members and people who work for the school board need to stay in the county and care about what happens in the public schools, not travel around somewhere doing nothing. They are overpaid and underworked." - Hagerstown

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