Deeds for April 2009

May 09, 2009

Deeds for April 2009

Thomas McLean, 10723 Crystal Falls Drive, Hagerstown, to Kelly F. Miller, for $315,000.

Frank Windsor, 242 Winter Street, Hagerstown, to Jeffrey Bressler, for $85,000.

Mark H. and Melanie S. Clifford, 11527 Orange Blossom Court, Smithsburg, to Michael S. and Shannon Decriscio, for $389,600.

Rosalie V. Long L/E, 114 N. Main St., Keedysville, to Michael D. and Anna E. Haupt, for $232,500.

Linda L. Cave, 312-314 West Side Ave., Hagerstown, to Frederick Investment Group LLC, for $139,000.

Jesse Shifflett, 2832 Chestnut Grove Road, Keedysville, to Rayn Lee Main Et Al, for $460,000.

Michele Durazzo, 12905 Mattley Drive, Hagerstown, to Christopher B. and Joann Bolton, for $60,000.

NVR Inc., 18702 Mary Flowers Way, Hagerstown, to Michael E. Harris, for $302,090.

NVR Inc., 10122 Roulette Drive, Hagerstown, to Jeremy and Tara Holler, for $263,490.

Fairmount Real Estate Services LLC, 12471 Fallen Timber Circle, Hagerstown, to Gemcraft Homes Inc., for $80,000.


Ronald T. and Patricia S. Frank, 18924 Dover Drive, Hagerstown, to Sherol Clarke, for $170,000.

Oliver Homes Inc., 18819 Island Drive, Hagerstown, to Terry R. and Paula S. Sholty, for $329,900.

Woodbridge Homes LLC, 11502 High Ridge Court, Hagerstown, to Dennis E. and Jodie L. Wilson, for $428,263.

Brian P. Schleigh, 20721 Oriole Circle, Hagerstown, to Logan L. McGrane, $179,900.

Eugene S. Albert Jr., 13516 Blairs Valley Road, Clear Spring, to David Clark, for $205,000.

Nei Global Relocation Co., 20608 Woodbridge Drive, Hagerstown, to Matthias Urwalek, for $272,000.

Freedom Hill Homes LLC, 17916 Constitution Circle, Hagerstown, to Della Mae Nicholson, for $289,312.

James R. Grigsby, 14607 Bain Road, Hancock, Roy E. Shaffer Jr., for $285,000.

Laurie A. Gauthier, 9921 Stephanie Lane, Hagerstown, to Kristie R. Chaney, for $227,500.

Terry R. and Paula S. Sholty, 19237 Betty's Ave., Boonsboro, to Charles and Melissa Schwalbe, for $380,000.

NVR Inc., 10114 Roulette Drive, Hagerstown, to Joseph G. and Janet M. Cooper, for $306,790.

Gerald L. Stevens, 11019 Clinton Ave., Hagerstown, to David Ryan Meinders, for $165,000.

Ray Jr. and Melissa Gladhill, 12002 Greendale Drive, Hagerstown, to Castle Ventures LLC, for $122,000.

Bradley J. and Jennifer Roberts, 14 Chips Court, Smithsburg, to Curtis W. Langley, for $145,000.

Dennis L. Moats Jr., 136 S. Mulberry St., Hagerstown, to James W. Onley, for $128,500.

Sallie I. Gsell, 12249-12251 Wild Rose Lane, Hagerstown, to Rowland G. VanCleef, for $65,000.

Wayne L. and Dawn R. Lowery, 111 Valley View Court, Boonsboro, to Christina R. Fox, for $130,000.

Christopher B. Taylor, 21250 Leiters Mill Road, Hagerstown, to Tanya DeHart, for $219,000.

Gemcraft Homes Inc., 12514 Olivine Court, Hagerstown, to Tercio and Ana Lucia Marques, for $250,000.

R&J Builders Inc., 1220 Garst Court, Hagerstown, to Salvatore R. Mauriello, for $176,000.

Reeda P. Stottlemyer, 638 Picadilly Drive, Hagerstown, to Diana R. Wells, for $144,900.

Earl M. III and Debby D. Guessford, 13852 Greenfield Ave., Maugansville, to Karen L. Webber, for $130,000.

Barbara A. Renner, 1517 Kensington Drive, Hagerstown, to Gary Bishop, for $120,000.

Julia F. Monikang, 25308 Military Road, Cascade, to Daniel A. Grover, for $220,000.

Levent and Hafize Maxhuni, 10712 Timothy Drive, Williamsport, to Terry Hubbard, for $180,000.

Robert L. Condon, 11931 Heather Drive, Hagerstown, to David Weiland, for $115,000.

Daniel L. Eddy, 7616 Eddy Drive, Hancock, to Jamie L. Kline, for $70,000.

Glendon F. and Kimberly S. Hilliard, 1060 Bramly Drive, Hagerstown, to Wilson A. Sr. and Priscilla Rojas, for $213,000.

Adin H. Eby Et Al, 13418 Maugansville Road, Hagerstown, to Grandview Acres LLC, for $200,000.

Matthew Dean and Jan Allison Weaver, 10900 Clinton Ave., Hagerstown, to Kirk W. and Krista J. Singleton, for $200,000.

Harry E. and June E. Latimer, 928 Chestnut St., Hagerstown, to Richard L. Jr. and Robin E. Williams, for $103,900.

William G. H. and Latney M. Barr, 10212 Bear Creek Drive, Hagerstown, to Sheryl Lynette Goree, for $180,000.

David and Dawn Hoskins, 13903 Distant View Ave., Maugansville, to Larry and Cindy Harnish, for $170,000.

NVR Inc., 10127 Roulette Drive, Hagerstown, to James D. and Kristin M. Bowers, for $370,190.

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