Mail Call

May 08, 2009

"In regards to the Smithsburg EMS incident of several years ago, I have a question - what has been done by the county emergency service system and the county government to insure that such a disgusting and outrageous incident never happens again?" - Hagerstown

"What can you do with 50 years of mementos from Hagerstown High School? It's too good to throw away and a lot of memories. People like William Keesecker, who still plays with Municipal Band. Do I donate it to the school or what? Can someone please tell me what to do with all these things." - Hagerstown

"I wish the media would please stop calling our current strain of flu the swine flu. More accurately, it should be called the Mexican flu, but of course that wouldn't be politically correct would it, you liberals?" - Hagerstown

"I just purchased one of these blow-up pools for my grandkids 'cause I want them to come around. It's 42 inches deep, 16 feet in diameter, 36 to 3,800 gallons of water. Now, I got to fill this thing up. Is there any alternative of paying ... Washington County for running it out of your hose or can you buy water somewhere and have somebody to dump it in. Or do I have to pay these ... who raises taxes, the money to fill up this pool? That's a heck a lot of water to fill up a pool." - Hagerstown


"This is to the folks that have been calling in complaining about the fountain at City Park, which I think is rather attractive. I guess now you folks will call in complaining to Mail Call that The Herald-Mail is now going to have to exercise censorship on the newspaper." - Hagerstown

"This is a little information to everyone out there. Deer ticks are very, very bad this year. I have never even seen one in the past but this year they are everywhere and I have seen them firsthand. I have actually gotten one off me. My husband and stepson have also had them embedded in their skin and have found them. So, please everyone, check yourself, your kids and your animals. Lyme disease is not a kind disease." - Hagerstown

"I personally think the butterflies in downtown Hagerstown are quite the attraction. They should be kept by the city because it makes the downtown area so much more attractive. I enjoy them every time I'm in the downtown area." - Smithsburg

"I agree about the Washington County landfill, but then again the State Highway has to call someone back in at 4 p.m. for salt trucks and has to pay them overtime. It seems to me that there is still a lot of people out on the road at 5 p.m." - Hagerstown

"I was watching the City Council meeting last night and Tim Light was addressing the City Council about saving the city money and I agree with him. You need to get rid of the code of enforcement office completely. They haven't done nothing for Hagerstown." - Hagerstown

"This is to the person from Hagerstown who wanted to know why Chris Shank and (LeRoy) Myers don't run for governor. That's because they have no chance in the state. It's a one-party state. We have a bunch of fools doing the voting. They vote for Democrats and liberals no matter that the state is one of the highest taxed in the nation. No matter who runs, they have a very slim chance if they are not a liberal." - Boonsboro

"I agree with the caller who said last week that we need a woman's point of view on the City Council. But rather than the write-in candidate, I recommend Ashley Haywood, a downtown businesswoman who has been attending council meetings, has some fresh ideas, is willing to listen and speaks in coherent sentences." - Hagerstown

"I was reading in Mail Call about it's common sense to turn on your lights when you turn on your windshield wipers. Well, I don't agree. In my case, it's not common sense to turn on your lights when your wipers is on because every time I turn my wipers on in the daytime and turn on my lights on, I forget to turn them off and then I have a dead battery. ... By the way, I'm a senior citizen and I don't remember things like I should." - Hagerstown

"I'm driving westbound on (U.S.) 40 and I just passed the West End Little League complex on both the major league field and minor league field. There were players playing and coaches coaching. It's 5:38 p.m. on May 6 and it is pouring rain out and they are still playing. And when I say pouring, I mean pouring. But I'm not quite sure of is why that is." - Hagerstown

"I'm coming down Salem Avenue and it's 6:20 here on Wednesday evening and I'm following a white Volkswagen Jetta ... and he's one of the reasons why people shouldn't drive while they're talking on the phone. He's all over the place. He's halfway over the line in the oncoming lane and not paying any attention to what he's doing. He obviously doesn't belong in a vehicle, it's amazing how people drive." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling to find out if anyone can tell me when the community yard sale is going to be in Williamsport this year." - Williamsport

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