Letter to the Editor

May 07, 2009

Show your support for Mother Nature

To the editor:

I am in total shock. We are planning this Green Fest in Boonsboro for Saturday, May 9, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the response has been so far beyond any of our expectations, I just cannot wait until after the event to say my thank yous, so I'd like to say them now. Here goes.

Thanks to 80 vendors, thanks to the 15 financial sponsors, thanks to the three dozen prize donors and thanks to the Green Fest Committee and volunteers. You jumped right in, with so much enthusiasm for this untested idea. You have brought such joy to this joyous process.

When our small Recycling Task Force decided in February to bring these disparate people and organizations together, we had no clue how our idea would be received. Let me tell you, I have never been more impressed by the force of the human spirit.


We decided right out of the box that we were going to offer our community practical ideas on how an individual could help save the planet. And it was going to be free to vendors and attendees alike.

Task Force member Rosemary James so succinctly captures the essence of our message: "Walk more gently on this green Earth."

We have the most diverse group of eco-friendly exhibits, demonstrations and products to show you. We can't wait for May 9.

Please join us on Mother's Day weekend to help out Mother Earth.

I'm going to reserve a few big thank yous, though, for all of you who will be attending.

Jenny Sarnecki
Boonsboro Green Fest

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