Mail Call

May 07, 2009

"I would like to say thank you to Matt, who works at the Food Lion on Eastern Boulevard, for finding and returning my wallet to me last week. There should be more people like him." -- Hagerstown

"I was wondering why the state would have somebody that's incarcerated to give parenting classes, when they don't have no kids, but the ones that do have kids, they want to take the class, they don't give it to them. What's wrong with our government?" -- Hagerstown

"I have a question about the AFSCME union, and Gov. O'Malley wanting all state employees to contribute to that union, and then they would have an annual income of about $7 million. I'd like to know whose pockets that money is gonna go into, and how would that benefit state employees?" -- Hagerstown

"If the first 100 days of Barack Obama's administration is any example of what is to come, all I can say is hang on tight. It's gonna be a bumpy ride." -- Hagerstown


"I'm just wondering about employers ... can get away with talking about their employees to customers, or to other employees, and talk to them like trash, and nothing can be done about it." -- Hagerstown

"In this day and time of technology, of computer-generated images and all, why did the president feel the need to have to fly a jet through New York, with a fighter jet behind it, with Air Force One going by the Statue of Liberty, when they could have computer-generated such an image and saved taxpayers over $300,000? I think it's poor management." -- Dargan

"I'd like to respond to the person that wants to know, in this economy, why churches ask for money. Do they not realize that it costs money for the building, the utilities, the workers? That's all not free. It's not donated by the government nor do they get government help. I don't go to church, but at least I know the answer to that one." -- Hagerstown

"I'm still waiting for my rebate check from Obama in the mail. I thought he was gonna give 95 percent of the people a rebate check in the mail, for taxes. President Bush gave us a lot in the two years. Now we don't get anything. We just gotta pay Obama back money." -- Boonsboro

"As a neighbor and friend of a neighbor whose dog recently went missing, I would like to say kudos, kudos and more kudos, and thank you from the bottom of my heart, to the lady in our community who found the little dog and returned her back to her owner today. Many times, animals do not meet with that same fate, as evil shows its face in many forms." -- Boonsboro

"I can't believe what I read, where someone was complaining about people giving to the local church. If the person really knew what giving to the local church was, the money that you have is what God has given to you. All you're doing is giving back a tenth of what he has already taken care of and given to you. You have nothing without his blessings." -- Hagerstown

"If Fox News is so fair and balanced, and they are so high on the rating list that everybody else is below them, why do they have to keep running down all the other stations? So that they can be on the top." -- Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Every now and then, I watch Bill O'Reilly's show on Fox. I wonder why he can't get any guests other than the Fox personnel, the ones that works for Fox. I don't know, I don't believe anybody else wants to go on his show, do they? Because he's about as right-wing as they come. He's always talking about the liberals, never about the right wing." -- Hagerstown

"They should rename the Baltimore Orioles the Baltimore Republicans. They always start off strong, but they don't know how to finish." -- Hagerstown

"Last Sunday, I attended the Maryland Symphony performance. What a fantastic experience. While walking to the theater, I had the pleasure of another fantastic artistic display: The butterflies. How beautiful. We are extraordinarily fortunate to have artistic expressions like these available to us. Thanks to everyone connected with the orchestra, and all those who are responsible for the butterfly display." -- Cearfoss

"I see in Friday's paper that the Mexican health chiefs says the flu is slowing down there. I guess it is -- they've done sent all their disease over to the U.S. I wish they would keep the immigrants over there, whether they're legal or illegal. Let them stay in their own country and leave us alone. ... We're tired of supporting them. We work hard for our money, and we shouldn't have to give to these people." -- Hagerstown

"I'm calling about Hagerstown. They got roughly 150 different things in the paper to call on the phone for the City of Hagerstown, so they must employ about 500 people, at least. When I was 18 or 20, when H.L. Mills was in office, they had two buildings. Now I think they got seven or eight, I don't really know. But that seems like an awful lot of money for a small city that hasn't grown any in size." -- Hagerstown

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