Letter to the Editor

May 05, 2009

We're the Nationals

To the editor:

Yes, we have a baseball team. They are the Hagerstown Suns. They are a Class A affiliate of the Washington Nationals. Yes, I said the Washington Nationals.

Driving through Hagerstown, or visiting any local establishment, it seems as if no one has an inkling of this, as Baltimore Orioles signage is abundant. Just walk into a local grocer, and what will you find? Orioles peanuts. Your local bar displays Orioles banners and pocket schedules. Walk into the local sporting goods shop in the mall, and you will be greeted with Orioles gear. (Try finding even a Suns T-shirt) Even The Herald-Mail wants your opinion on various Oriole questions.

Now for a bit of news: The Orioles affiliation with the Suns ended in 1992. Since then Toronto (1993-2000), San Francisco (2001-2004) and the New York Mets (2005-2006) have been the parent club.


The path to the Big Leagues starts in Hagerstown, and follows a relatively local path. Next stop is the Potomac Nationals (Woodbridge Va.), which plays several times a year in Frederick vs. the Keys - then to the Harrisburg Senators (another short drive away) then on to Syracuse.

This type of locality to Washington not only gives fans a chance to watch young players blossom, but on occasion, they get to see established stars play while rehabbing injuries.

It would be great if we could all support our local team; there is nothing like "latching onto" that hometown talent and watching them climb into the Majors.

Anybody remember Justin Maxwell?

Who will be the next Sun to make it big?

Bill Rogers
Mercersburg, Pa.

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