Mail Call

May 05, 2009

"The 200-plus German spies that President Obama euphemistically referred to as 'detainees' in his recent press conference, indeed were not tortured. When captured, they were given the choice: Divulge all that you know and become a double agent working for the British, or in accordance with the Geneva Conventions, be given a short trial, shortly followed by a ... needless to say, they all cooperated." -- Smithsburg

"My husband and I think with the economy like it is and everyone tightening their belts, it's ridiculous to give an allowance increase, when the allotted amount is more than enough to feed one person or two in a decent restaurant. Why do the BOE need an increase? That's why our taxes are so high, so you can go to high-priced restaurants and eat what the taxpayers pay for." -- Fairplay

"As a Republican, I now get to laugh at the things that (Joe Biden) says, which are 10 times worse than anything that Bush ever said. It's time for him to go." -- Hedgesville, W.Va.


"Specter the defector would like us to think that his ideology has changed and that he can better represent the people who elected him by suddenly becoming a Democrat. Could it be that the only chance he has to be re-elected is to have Obama and Reid raise money and campaign for him, as long as he can continue?" -- Smithsburg

"I'm reading the morning's paper, and I'm seeing where Hagerstown is taking out insurance for the Blues Fest, in case it rains or anything. I don't know why they can't get together and take some insurance out for families that has little children that can't go to the doctor because of the price of the medicine and whatever ... and also put food on the table and help the senior citizens." -- Boonsboro

"I'm calling regarding the comments about the residents of Alexander House and their smoking. These people have no grounds or balcony. I agree that they shouldn't block the sidewalk; however, this is their smoking area, due to the no smoking indoor policy of Maryland, and I suggest that if you don't want to walk through the smoke, then cross the street or walk elsewhere." -- Hagerstown

"To the caller from Sharpsburg who claims he didn't 'need no AFSCME': I wonder if he 'don't need no' vacation time, overtime provisions or the numerous other negotiate benefits." -- Martinsburg, W.Va.

"Does Harpers Ferry really believe that Obama didn't know where his presidential plane and pilot were flying? That could present a very dangerous situation. Also, since when does the White House have a military department? That was mentioned in one of the articles in the paper" -- Hagerstown

"Just a thought: Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a government whose thoughts and actions were centered on God's biblical word, and to have prayers put back in schools? Wouldn't it be wonderful to love each other as God loves us? Let's pray for God to bring America back to him, and ask for his mercy and grace to be with us. God bless all." -- Hagerstown

"I'm sick and tired of so many people in their comments in the Mail Call saying 'I know you won't print this.' If you think that it's not gonna be printed, don't bother calling in. Quit acting like a little kid when you're making your comments. ... Say something with actual meaning." -- Hagerstown

"If you wonder why we can't get our property taxes reduced, just read the April 29 article on the Arts & Entertainment alley project, buried on page A7; $290,000 for a postage stamp-size piece of land, and $40,000 for demolition of the adult bookstore. Then over $140,000, $5,000 for a final change under payment, order payment for the parking deck. What is that about?" -- Washington County

"The butterflies downtown are beautiful. I would like to thank whoever is responsible." -- Williamsport

"Washington County, please erect a 'bump' sign, or fix the Eastern Boulevard railroad tracks crossover." -- Hagerstown

"I can't thank the Mail Call enough. I learned from somebody from Hagerstown who called in and said the way that Obama is trying to get us out of debt is to spend more money. That's a first for me, and it's no wonder I can't get rid of my credit cards, because I've tried to stop spending. Now I'm gonna go out and spend more -- spend, spend, spend ... sooner or later I'll be out of debt." -- Shepherdstown, W.Va.

"One cannot even imagine George Bush spending $370,000 and terrorizing New York City with a flyover in our (country's) airplane just for a photo op. Had he done so, Nancy Pelosi and her ... associates would have their shorts (in) such a knot that they couldn't even walk, demanding endless investigations and resignations. But as expected, the apologists, especially the media, are ... covering up another sorry episode of the first 100 days." -- Chambersburg, Pa.

"Evidently the lawmakers that are trying to do away with the death penalty has not had anyone in their family murdered viciously by a criminal, or they wouldn't be doing this. Now what? They go to jail and get to live for free." -- Hagerstown

"A Greencastle caller asked about laws against barking dogs. Most governments have an aversion to passing ordinances requiring dog owners to control their pets. When such an effort is made, a group usually arises claiming their liberties are being infringed, and then officials back down. Few seem to care that neighbors have a need for peaceful relaxation in their own homes and gardens." -- Hagerstown

"I believe that President Obama will not nominate Harriet Miers or Alberto Gonzales to the U.S. Supreme Court." -- Rohrersville

"I love the butterflies in downtown Hagerstown. Kudos to the artists who designed them. I wish they could stay there forever. It's impossible to choose only one. They're all unbelievably beautiful and creative. Keep up the great work." -- Hagerstown

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