Mail Call

May 04, 2009

"I saw in the Mail Call where someone was allowed to make a comment about Mrs. Penny Nigh running as a write-in in the next election in Hagerstown. I would like to make a comment ... against Penny Nigh as a councilperson. She was soundly defeated in the primaries, and I hope that she is soundly defeated again." - Hagerstown

"I see where the mayor of Hagerstown supports speed cameras, and he also claims to be financial of responsibility, in buying six new police cruisers. He wouldn't need any of them if he gets some of those police cruisers out on Potomac Avenue and Northern Avenue all day long." - Hagerstown

"I just want to comment on the butterflies downtown. I think they're beautiful. I just wish they'd keep them up longer than June 20. Couldn't they keep them up through the end of summer, and then auction them off or do whatever they're gonna do with them?" - Hagerstown


"So the stimulus money was supposed to be to help the economy. So how is spending $12 million to bridge a gap on C&O Canal helping the economy? Shouldn't they have taken that $12 million and helped the Marylanders keep their homes that were reasonably priced and facing foreclosure?" - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in response to the article in Mail Call from Shepherdstown, W.Va., concerning saying Bush and Cheney should be in prison. Well, after Obama's 100 days, he's the man that should be in prison. ... So that's what I have to say." - Rohrersville

"You know, I read a story one time, or a book, and in that book it said that the U.S. was gonna destroy itself from within, and I think that's exactly what's happening now. All these illegal aliens coming in, and all the rights of the people in this country given to them, and the rights of the people in this country being taken away." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Arlen Specter is a shining example why there should be term limits for our elected officials. He had two choices, to have any chance of re-election, and clearly should have chosen to retire. Actions should speak louder than words, and clearly, this man is more interested in the continuation of Specter, above all else." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to put in something in Mail Call. I'd like to say a very special thank you to Little Wonders Rescue in Western Enterprise fire hall for rescuing the 11 ducklings that fell into a water drain at South Burhans and Antietam Street." - Smithsburg

"As an MCEA union member, I would like to say one thing. AFSCME has never gotten state noncustodial employees, such as case managers, supervisors, and all clerical staff, a raise. ... I pay and choose the union of my choice, and it's the one you can turn to in the event an inmate sues you, MCEA." - Clear Spring

"I'm calling about the elections coming up. I don't think either, nobody, not one of them should be put back in office, regardless if Democrat or Republican. They raised my taxes last year 360-some dollars. That's counting the city, county. And they got too many people working for the city." - Hagerstown

"As a correctional officer, I've belonged to MCEA for about a dozen years. I also, for a short time, belonged to AFSCME. Now, after those first 12 or 13 years, neither one of these unions has any power at all. I mean, absolutely no bargaining power whatsoever." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the person from Hagerstown that thinks the unions are good. They're so good that that's why the General Motors keeps moving all their plants out of the U.S., so they don't have to pay union dues. And they're not gonna help the Americans that they're laying off over here." - Hagerstown

"I was wondering if anybody knew about any clinics being open for swine flu shots." - Smithsburg

"I want to set the caller straight that said he's a union worker and that paying union dues helps keep his job. Why don't you tell that to the GM workers. ... I worked under the union for over 28 years, and our factory closed down in Hagerstown and relocated to Atlanta, Ga., and seems to be doing quite well without the union." - Hagerstown

"To the Mercersburg caller: Churches, synagogues and mosques do not beg for money. The root in evil lies in our separation from God and God's will. In order for churches to do ministry (God's will), bake sales, pancake breakfasts." - Hedgesville, W.Va.

"My health insurance is going up $300. That makes it a total of $1,000 a month. My company just told me this. I don't know what I'm gonna do. We need help with health insurance." - Hagerstown

"The problem with speed cameras no one's mentioned is that since their manufacturer gets a bounty on every car they catch, instead of a flat fee for installation and maintenance ... they have no incentive to be accurate, and every incentive to catch as many cars as possible." - Frederick, Md.

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