Letter to the Editor

May 02, 2009

What happened to the white hats?

To the editor:

Some folks are saying that the use of torture for terror suspects was justified because we garnered information that saved lives. Oh, I see, the end justifies the means, right? Wrong!

Didn't most of us grow up learning that doing the right thing is what you do, even when the other thing seems more expedient or even necessary? And how many people might we have saved from some future terrorist attack because we've diffused a lot of anger by ceasing to act like our enemies?

People talk about having the courage to do what is needed to defend America and a lot of them equivocate that with "doing what it takes."


So when "doing what it takes" conflicts with "doing what is right and just," which should win? Is courage dropping your moral high ground because you are afraid of what someone might do?

Or is courage doing what is right and in keeping with your principles, even though you know it means risk?

When we descend to our enemy's level, we may or may not save lives, granted. But what's for sure, we lose our soul.

Isn't this fundamentally about who we are? You know, the good guys.

How long will white hats be out of style?

Reg Rice

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