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April 27, 2009

Last week's question:

Many of those who attended the recent "tea party" tax protest events said that all governments spend too much. What's the best place to cut?

o "Nice to have" projects, as opposed to those that are absolutely necessary.- 33 votes (58 percent)

o Elected officials' pay.-11 votes (19 percent)

o Government workers' pay. - 6 votes (11 percent)

o Charitable contributions.- 2 votes (4 percent)

o Medical care and shelter for the needy. - 5 votes (9 percent)


Posted by wethepeople

Not on the list: wars against countries that didn't attack the U.S., foreign aid.

Posted by olddude


I've heard that the state's share of Medicaid payment is consuming an ever increasing portion of our state budget. Every morning I hear an attorney advertising his seminar on how to transfer your assets to your children and still get nursing home care. I think he is telling people how to keep their money and get Medicaid to pay their nursing home bills. Sounds like a huge legal loophole that needs closing.

Posted by blessedbe

I never really understood why we pay people who run for office anyway. As far as I can tell, these people volunteered to put themselves out there and offered to serve the community. Many of them have other jobs that are still their principal source of income, despite being an elected official. Axe the "elected salaries" altogether and you'll see a huge change in who puts themselves out there for the job. One thing about having the "nice to have" projects going is that accomplishing those projects puts people to work. Isn't part of the problem the fact that jobs are getting cut?

Posted by willy624

We seem to lose sight of the fact that the government, for the most part, gives us what some vocal, special interest group has demanded as critically important.

Yes, some of these costly programs really are necessary - defense, highways, police and fire protection. Others only benefit a few. All of these programs are paid for with tax money. If you want lower taxes, ask less of government. Understand that for the government to give you something, it must take it from someone else.

Posted by independent

"Nice to have" projects, which is another name for pork, will never be cut. Years ago, Maryland Gov. William D. Schaefer threatened to cut kidney dialysis if a certain tax increase was not voted for, even though there were pork projects that could have been cut. So the pork will continue to survive, because it is important to our elected officals.

Posted by azurewinds94

Cut the pork! Time for the government to once again be by the people and for the people.

This week's question:

Washington County officials are considering a $2 million package to jumpstart the construction industry. Is this the best way to stimulate the economy?

o No. The county has plenty of unsold homes and vacant retail space.

o Yes. Employment in the building trades has long been a mainstay of the local economy.

o No. Spend the $2 million to create jobs related to the biotech industry.

o Yes. You don't need a college degree to work ion the building trades.

o Yes. High-tech jobs are nice to talk about, but unlikely to materialize soon.

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