City candidates address zoning question

April 18, 2009|By DAN DEARTH

HAGERSTOWN -- Eleven candidates are running for Hagerstown City Council during the Hagerstown general election on May 19.

All five seats are up for grabs.

Two of the five incumbents, Democrats Martin E. Brubaker and Lewis C. Metzner, made it through the March 10 primary election. The other three incumbents, Kelly S. Cromer, Penny M. Nigh and Alesia D. Parson-McBean, did not receive enough votes to advance to the general election.

Brubaker and Metzner will square off against fellow Democrats R. Noel Brady, William M. Breichner and David A. Lidz; Republicans Patrick N. Crist, Forrest W. Easton, Jeremy L. Manford and Don Mohar; and unaffiliated candidate Ashley C. Haywood.

Nigh filed in March to run as a write-in candidate.

Donna Spickler, clerk for the City of Hagerstown, said the top five vote-getters will take office June 1.

Each council member earns $8,000 per year.

Editor's note: The following are the first two of five questions that candidates for Hagerstown City Council were asked to answer, followed by their responses.


Candidates were asked to keep their responses to the first question to 50 words and to the second question to 150 words. Responses were edited for length and to fix typos or errors. Otherwise, they appear as they were received from the candidates.

Question 1: Why are you running for political office?

R. Noel Brady, 68


40 E. Antietam St.

I believe the city needs a positive change. I think the council needs to listen to the citizens and local established businesses, needs to stop spending money frivolously and needs to continue developing new business in all the areas of the city. We need investors who will renovate downtown. I feel I have new ideas and an open mind and will listen to the people of Hagerstown.

William M. Breichner, 77


1117 Oak Hill Ave.

I believe that the price of citizenship is responsibility and that I can best accomplish this by sharing my knowledge and experience in the service of our city. Hopefully, I can assist in establishing it as a cooperative government body and one that our citizens can take pride in.

Martin E. Brubaker, 62

Democrat, Incumbent

183 Brynwood St.

I am retired from a career with extensive experience well adapted to the challenge of being a productive Council member. This City and its Great Valley offer a unique quality of life hard to find east of the mountains. I want to continue working to make it even better.

David A. Lidz, 43


716 Summit Ave.

Great things are happening in Hagerstown, but there's much more work to do to create a new, vibrant, healthy, prosperous future for our city. I bring to the public discussion the youth, vision, energy and idealism, complemented by years of practical business experience, needed to lead us to that future.

Lewis C. Metzner, 56

Democrat, Incumbent

322 E. Irvin Ave.

During the 15 years that I have been a council member, my prime objective has been to improve the quality of life of our citizens. Projects such as Fairgrounds Park, University System, the ice skating rink, Blues Fest and sustained downtown revitalization are some examples of our accomplishments to date.

Patrick N. Crist, 46


906 Maryland Ave.

When contemplating my campaign for City Council and reasons for wanting to serve my community, I evaluated many points. I live inside the city, shop in the city, work in the city, and pay taxes. I spend most of my time here in the city talking to residents and business people alike. I understand the issues facing them.

Forrest Easton, 34


24 Willard St.

I have served this community through my professional career and membership with local service organizations. It is with that same dedication that I pledge to provide professional representation to all residents. I will listen to all sides of each issue, analyze the information, and make a fair decision that is best for the citizens of Hagerstown. Finally, I believe that Hagerstown deserves better.

Jeremy L. Manford, 24


913 Chestnut St.

I am running for office because a lot of people in town are not satisfied with the current council, including myself. I have no hidden agendas or motives, I just feel like I can give a different point of view than what was had in the past.

Don Mohar, 49


370 Key Circle

My main reason for running for City Council is to be active in working with the public. The citizens of Hagerstown need and deserve a representative that will be focused on their needs. I feel the government is taking more control over the people rather than governing for the citizens' rights. We cannot forget it is the people who make Hagerstown, not City Hall.

Ashley C. Haywood, 24


629 Oak Hill Ave.

In this critical stage of development for our city, for our nation, we have the opportunity to foster positive, sustainable change. I represent small business owners, entrepreneurs, women, youth, and concerned citizens in this endeavor. I believe my education, experiences, and abilities make me the ideal candidate for City Council.

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