Mail Call

March 31, 2009

"I want to say that there are a few honest people still out there, and I want to thank a very special lady who found $140 on March 19 at Martin's food store and turned it in. I want to sincerely thank you very much. I'm a mother of three, and you returning that to me really meant a lot, not only to me, but my children. The only way I know how to repay you is just plain say thank you and I appreciate what you've done for me and my family." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to know when they're gonna deliver the 2009 phone books." - Boonsboro

"I work for a bank, so I know what a retention bonus is. I've gotten one every year, up until this year. Because of the economy, I didn't get one. But the banks did get their bailout and my CEO got his $35 million, but I didn't get anything but higher rates on my credit card." - Hagerstown


"To the County Commissioners: For the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts, let the parents pay for them to go there. We have all the schools we need, and all we have to do is pay taxes to keep them there. If they want a special school for the arts, let the parents pay a fee." - Washington County

"This is in response to the caller who evidently has a classic muscle car, that was complaining about the small cars with the coffee can mufflers making a lot of noise. Evidently they don't live in the same area we live in, because the muscle car and classic car owners are nothing but a nuisance." - Hagerstown

"I see every week how the restaurant inspections are in the paper. However, I never see some of these places that are being inspected, them ever put in there where they wasn't wearing gloves when they made sandwiches, especially in ... sub shops. ... I just want to know how they can get away with this." - Halfway

"OK, somebody help me count. How many times have they torn up and redone Eastern Boulevard?" - Hagerstown

"I'm 65 years old, and it looks like Obama is going to be the most do-nothing president that I've ever seen in my lifetime. Yes, he's a very good speaker, but he has no results to back up what he talks about." - Sharpsburg

"I also am opposed to paying for anyone else's sidewalks. I've always done my own, and it doesn't need done now. This sounds like the mayor's idea. I am a senior citizen and if there is a fee added to any of my city bills, I am going to refuse to pay it." - Hagerstown

"I was reading in the paper today, Friday, about they don't understand how the legislators can justify spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on free college for inmates, and they get the books free and all the supplies and everything. ... I can't hardly afford my medicine, I can't hardly afford to eat, and I make a dollar too much to get any help, and nobody wants to help the seniors. So if I go to prison, I can get my college education, even though I'm a senior ... I could get my free medical that I can't hardly afford at all anymore." - Smithsburg

"I see that the stimulus money takes effect on my paycheck this week. Just in time for the vultures to swoop in. My bills for electric, homeowners insurance, property taxes and union dues have all increased, and I'm sure there will be others. I don't even want to talk about the price of gas. The next time the government wants to give us a little extra money, I wish they wouldn't tell us, because when companies know you're getting extra, they want extra. What a mess." - Mercersburg, Pa.

"I am appalled that the county - and the BOE, of course - is asking for additional employees, while the thousands of Maryland state employees are facing an across-the-board 1 percent pay cut. Each local jurisdiction and department should tighten its belt to help alleviate the sting of this economic crisis. Also, don't these greedy 'geniuses' realize that if state employees take a pay cut, the amount of taxes paid will be less, thus further deepening the local crisis? Get real. ... Do your share to save the taxpayers further hardships." - Williamsport

"In this economy, I cannot understand why and how Washington County and the Board of Education can add personnel to their staffs. And yes, mail deliveries should be cut from six to five days a week." - Hagerstown

"The Senior Property Tax Relief Bill may look good to seniors as a way to make ends meet, supplementing their pitiful Social Security benefits vs. cost-of-living deficit, but the long-range fact is that they lose their homes and any hope of passing the family home on to their children at their time of death. If took advantage of this deferred property tax for the next 20 years at 3 percent interest, at 85 years old I would need to go into assisted living or a nursing home, but with the sale of my home, and the retroactive property taxes for 20 years at 3 percent would I have anything to ensure that I would have the finances to live out the rest of my life in a decent place without being a burden to my children financially? I now feel this is the government is going after us seniors." - Williamsport

"I'm sitting at the Sheetz store on Virginia Avenue. Local government car ... pulls up, blocks the lane, parks in a fire lane, blocks the gas pumps so nobody can get in or out, gets out of his car and goes in for a sandwich. That's our government at work." - Hagerstown

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