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Letters to the Editor

March 31, 2009

Hershey sends some jobs off to Mexico

To the editor:

Here we go, America another stab in the back. I read in the paper and heard on television that Hershey will now send some of its candy products to Mexico to be made.

How many American people will lose their jobs? How will these American people make ends meet? Do Hershey officials care?

I suppose Hershey will still depend on us, the American people, to buy their products and visit their theme park; and depend on us to help them make a profit, even though they have turned their backs on us. Enough is enough! Maybe the Mexicans will enjoy their park!

And while we're talking about Mexicans and other noncitizens, I have a question.

How can they receive help and benefits from our government agencies when they have not contributed to them or even become American citizens? When my daughter needed food stamps or medical care as a single parent, she couldn't get any help.


Junior Miller

Editor's note: The Associated Press reported in February 2007 that Hershey was cutting 1,500 jobs over three years as part of a plan to scale back production and move some manufacturing to Mexico.

Tax 'relief' really isn't

To the editor:

I so appreciated the March 27 letter written by John Neal Mullican of Sharpsburg, re: "Tax relief proposal a fraud on seniors." He expresses my feelings about this "relief" exactly!.

I live in a modest little home which was paid off in 19 years on a 30-year mortgage. That's the way I've lived my life - double up and pay all bills first. What I get in my senior years is the "privilege" to stay and continue to pay rising taxes, even as the value of my home has declined considerably.

And when I can no longer squeeze any tighter to meet the rising cost of just living in a home that was paid off in 1995, I can stay as long as I understand that my children will have to pay the taxes that I am not able to pay for the duration of my living here!

How insulting of those who call this "relief." The government will have ownership of the house I paid for. But I think I've solved the problem; I'll stay here until I can no longer afford it, drain down all my resources and then I'll let the government pay to house me. That'll work!

Linda Marshall

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